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How To Become A Grant Writer in US: Beginner’s Guideline 2023

Hi Readers!  If you are interested in writing proposals for funding projects that benefit society, consider how to become a grant writer. Grant writers are professionals who research, write, and submit grant applications to various organizations, such as foundations, corporations, or government agencies. Grant writers need to have excellent writing, research, and communication skills, as well as a passion for the causes they support.

This blog post will explain how to become a grant writer in US, what skills and qualifications you need, and what steps you can take to start your career in this field.

What is a Grant writer?

A grant writer writes proposals for funding projects that address a specific problem or need in society. Grant writers work for nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, research centers, or other entities that seek external funding for their programs or initiatives. They are responsible for finding and analyzing potential funding sources, developing and writing grant proposals that match the funder’s requirements and goals, and submitting and following up on grant applications.

Becoming a grant writer needs :

  • To write persuasive and compelling proposals
  • Understand the needs and interests of both the grant seeker and the grant maker.
  • Communicate effectively with different audiences, such as program staff, board members, donors, reviewers, and funders.
  • Able to manage multiple projects and deadlines, work collaboratively with others, and communicate effectively with others.
  • They must also adhere to ethical standards and best practices in grant writing or how to become a grant writer.

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What are the Education Skills Required on How to become a Grant Writer?

No specific degree or certification is required on how to become a grant writer, but some educational backgrounds may be more helpful than others. For example, a degree in English, journalism, communication, or a related field can help you develop your writing and editing skills.

A degree in business, public administration, nonprofit management, or a related field can help you learn about budgeting, project management, and organizational strategies.

Again, a degree in a specific subject area, such as education, health, environment, or social sciences, will help you gain expertise and credibility in the field you want to write grants for.

Practical Skills on how to become a Grant Writer

However, more than having a degree is needed to become a successful grant writer, you also need practical experience and knowledge of the grant writing process. This can be gained through various ways, such as:

  • Taking courses or workshops on grant writing offered by colleges, universities, professional associations, or online platforms.
  • Volunteering or interning for a nonprofit organization or a grant writing firm and assisting with grant research, writing, editing, or submission.
  • Working as a freelance grant writer and taking on projects from different clients and sectors.
  • Joining a network or community of grant writers and learning from their feedback, advice, and best practices.

The Skills for How to Become a Grant writer Without Experience

The question may arise “how do you become a grant writer”, you may need these skills and qualifications through various means, such as:

Formal education:

You can enroll in a degree or certificate program focusing on grant writing or related fields, such as communication, journalism, public administration, nonprofit management, etc. take courses or workshops that teach you specific aspects of grant writing, such as research methods, proposal development, budgeting, etc.

On-the-job training:

You can learn from experienced grant writers as an intern, assistant, or associate in a grant writing firm or organization. You can also volunteer for a nonprofit organization that needs help with grant writing.


You can read books, articles, blogs, podcasts, webinars, etc., that provide information and advice on grant writing. Also join online communities and forums. You can network with other grant writers and ask questions on how to get into grant writing.


You can improve your grant writing skills by applying for grants or helping others with their proposals. Also can seek feedback from mentors, peers, or experts on your work.

Entry Level Grant Writing Jobs

Entry-level grant writing jobs are available in various fields and sectors, such as healthcare, human rights, environment, education, and more. grant writers are responsible for researching, drafting, and submitting proposals to secure funding from donors, foundations, corporations, or government agencies. A grant writer works for a nonprofit or charitable organization as an employee or freelance consultant.

Entry-level grant writing jobs can be rewarding and challenging, as you get to use your writing skills to impact society positively. However, they can also be competitive and demanding, as you have to meet deadlines, follow instructions, and adapt to different styles and formats. You may have to work on multiple projects at once and collaborate with other staff members or clients, and you may also have to deal with rejection or feedback from funders.

Tips on How To become a grant writer

Suppose you are interested in entry-level grant writing jobs. In that case, you can start by looking for opportunities online. These are on job boards, websites of nonprofit organizations, or social media platforms. You can also network with other grant writers or professionals in your field of interest and ask for referrals or advice. You can also build your portfolio by volunteering for a nonprofit organization, taking online courses or workshops on grant writing, or creating sample proposals based on actual or hypothetical scenarios.

How to Become a Certified Grant Writer?

A grant writer is a professional who helps organizations secure funding from various sources, such as foundations, corporations, or government agencies. A certified grant writer has completed a training program and passed an exam demonstrating their knowledge and skills in grant writing. You may become a certified Grant Writer if you are interested grant writer, here are some steps you can follow:

– Research the requirements and benefits of different certification programs on how to become a grant writer

Several organizations offer certification programs for grant writers. These include the American Grant Writers’ Association (AGWA), the Grant Professionals Certification Institute (GPCI), and the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP). Each program has its eligibility criteria, curriculum, fees, and exam format. You should compare and contrast these programs Your needs and goals should determine which one you should choose.

– Enroll in a training course or program that prepares you for the certification exam: how to become a grant writer

Depending on the certification program you choose, you may need to complete a certain number of hours of coursework, workshops, webinars, or online modules. These modules cover topics such as grant research, proposal development, budgeting, ethics, and evaluation. You can find various training options online or in your local area. Some certification programs may also require you to submit a portfolio of your previous grant writing work or a sample grant proposal for review.

– Register and take the certification exam: how to become a grant writer

Once you have completed the training requirements, you can register for the certification exam online or by mail. The exam may consist of multiple-choice questions, some short-answer questions, essay questions, or a combination of these formats. The exam may test your knowledge of grant writing principles. 

– Maintain your certification status by fulfilling the renewal requirements.

After passing the exam, you will receive a certificate and a credential. These certificates indicate your proficiency and professionalism as a grant writer.Renewal of your certification is required however by completing continuing education units (CEUs) and paying renewal fees. You must also adhere to the code of ethics of your certification program. Keep track of your renewal deadlines and requirements to avoid losing your certification status.

Final Note

How To become a grant writer is a billion-dollar question. You must have excellent writing, research, and communication skills for this. Also, you need to be familiar with the mission and goals of the organization you are writing for, as well as the requirements and guidelines of the potential funders. You may need a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, such as English, journalism, communication, or social sciences. Some employers may also prefer candidates with experience or training in grant writing.

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