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How AI and Machine Learning are helping to fight Covid-19

Every bit of the knowledge that human has gathered in Machine Learning is being put to work to fight the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. These technologies are being used to better understand and address the crisis. Machine Learning helps in quick identifying insights and patterns of large volumes of data.

Organisations have applied their knowledge on machine learning to understand the spread of the disease and facilitate the research and enhancing the quality of treatment.

The benefits of using Machine Learning are-

  • Understanding the spread if the disease-

Machine learning is also assisting academics and practitioners in analysing huge amounts of data to anticipate COVID-19’s spread in order to serve as an early warning system for future pandemics and identify vulnerable groups. Researchers at the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub in California developed a model to predict the number of COVID-19 infections that go undiagnosed and the public health repercussions, examining 12 locations across the world. They created new ways to measure undiscovered infections using machine learning and collaboration with the AWS Diagnostic Development Initiative.

  • Make the research and treatment fast-

Availability of huge volumes of data from the internet makes it even tougher for the researcher to get the required information at the time when it is needed. In response to the problem, AWS launched a service named CORD-19, which is a website based on machine learning used to search research paper based on query of the user.

Researchers in the field of medical imaging are employing machine learning to aid in the recognition of patterns in pictures, allowing radiologists to predict the likelihood of disease and identify it sooner.

  • Helping the organisation to adjust-

While keeping the social distancing in place, the organisations have to operate their business effectively and make the customers satisfied by meeting their needs. By offering the capabilities to facilitate distant communication, allow telemedicine, and safeguard food security, machine learning technology is playing an essential role in facilitating that transition.

For government and healthcare organisations, this includes utilising machine learning-enabled chatbots for contactless COVID-19 symptom assessment and answering public queries., a French start-up and Amazon Web Services client, has created a chatbot to help consumers discover official government messages concerning COVID-19. The chatbot analyses known symptoms and responds to inquiries regarding government policy using real-time data from the French government and the World Health Organization.

It is really impressive that all these organisations are applying machine learning in all the aspects of life and trying to make our lives easier. Machine Learning has the potential to solve great challenges prevalent in the world. We can hope that more organisations and machine learning enthusiasts will come together to fight this pandemic.



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