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Horus-Eye is a simple tool that comprises a reverse engineering script that allows the user with an android payload.

This tool can be used to work with:-

  1.     SPYNOTE v5.0
  2.     SPYMAX V1
  3.     SPYMAX V2
  4.     MOBIHOK v6.0
  5.     METASPLOIT v5.0
  6.     AHMYTH v1.0
  7.     DROIDJACK v4.4
  8.     SPYNOTE v6.4
  9.     ANDRORAT v1.0
  10.     L3MON V1.1
  11.     Evil-Droid v0.3
  12.     888RAT V1.1

This tool was created only for educational purposes and not for any unethical practices. The developers of this tool are not responsible for its misuse and the consequences that may follow.

Download Link: https://github.com/Djawad-Hammadi/Horus-Eye

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