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The developers try to design their systems as safe as possible, still security flaws and situations that cause vulnerability still pops up. These may happen due to unconscious use of missing configurations. It is important for the users to have some knowledge about the technical side of the system to keep it protected. But it is not possible for every user to gain full-fledged knowledge about the system and hardening still remains to be a technical issue. 

To eliminate this difficulty, there are hardening checklists are available which contain various commands and rules of the specified operating system. Still it necessary to know about the commands that are used to run these tools. This is where GrapheneX comes into play.

GrapheneX provides framework for securing the systems of the users by providing the hardening command automatically. It can be both used by end users as well as Linux and Windows developers due to the option of interfaces that the tools provide.

This project was created only for educational purposes and not for unethical practices.

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