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Get Real GTA 5 download APK latest (MOD + OBB File) for Free

If you’re a fan of the Grand Theft Auto series, you might wonder how you can get your hands on the latest GTA 5 download APK. There might have been insufficient disk space in your android device, so you might feel hopeless about playing the Game.

In Grand Theft Auto Online, you can explore the world, do missions with friends, or fight other players. There are also mini-games and things to do to earn money.

This blog will guide you on how to easily download and play the GTA V download APK latest version (MOD + OBB File)for free on any of your low-budget android devices.

GTA is packed with features to guarantee a real-time gameplay experience for the player. In order to prevent player boredom while playing and guarantee that they receive what they expect, the Game is built with extraordinary and cutting-edge features.

How to install the GTA V Download APK via Playstore? 

Open the Play Store Application on your android device.

On the Search bar, type “Chikii”, which will open the “Chikki” application

GTA 5 download APK

Download the Chikii App with a storage space of 46.46 MB on your android device

You have to log in by providing the “Account Login” details, which you might have earlier or via your social account ID details like a Facebook or Google account.

GTA 5 download APK

On the Chikki interface, click on the “Discover” bar using the three dots on the right.

Type the game “GTA V” on this bar.

Press “Enter” on the GTA V game, and it will open the Game.

Press the “Play” button on the Game, and it will show two options “Single Play” or “Play with Friends.”

After opting for any of the options, you will be taken to the game queue for three game modes “Normal”, “Fast”, and the “VIP” (paid one).

After clicking the mode, you will have to wait 1- 2 minutes for the Game to get uploaded on your android device.

Press “Enter” on the popup with “Line up success, enter the game.”

Tap close after watching a small advertisement for a few seconds and enter “Go Back to Game”.

You will be on the gaming platform of GTA V on your android device for free.

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GTA 5 OBB file download For Android Highly Compressed

You need to download the GTA 5 APK, OBB, and data files to your mobile device. The OBB file is a necessary part of the download.

The user has to download the APK file.

Open the APK file.

After the installation process from the APK file has been completed, the user now has to place an OBB file here.

Extract the GTA 5 OBB and the data file.

After the extraction is completed, the user has to run the GTA 5 APK download file.

You must choose the Open option after launching the installation.

Possibly, you must activate Unknown Sources.

So you can take pleasure in GTA V Download APK 2022.

You may successfully download and install the GTA 5 OBB file by following the above procedures. Some Android applications employ expansion files called OBB files.

It contains information the user cannot discover in the application’s main package. It would be the APK file in this case. Media files, images, and other substantial application elements may be found in OBB files.

GTA 5 Android download should be done with the following considerations.

Version v1.09
Developer Rockstar Games
Root Requirement No


GTA V Download APK for Android device

The Game GTA V was initially only available on Xbox and PC, but the developers wanted to bring it to mobile devices too. So they launched an APK beta version, a mobile version of the Game.

GTA 5 download may be played on Android if it has a good camera and strong graphics. You may play GTA V Download APK on your mobile device effectively with the help of the Game’s APK and data files. Even without rooting your phone, you can install and play the Game. The Game’s beta version offers stunning visuals. You would need a mobile device with excellent performance to operate it, so it would be advisable to keep that in mind.

Up to 3 GB of data on your mobile device may be used by theGTA V Download APK fame file, GTA 5 data, and GTA 5 OBB file. Therefore, if you want to play GTA 5 android, you need to control the storage space on your mobile device.

The characters, plot, and heroes in GTA 5 mobile download

GTA 5 was made by Rockstar in 2013, and it takes place in Los Santos, a recreation of Los Angeles. This is a quick summary of some of the main characters of GTA 5 android. Further, the plot is designed to keep players engaged throughout the Game.


Game Character Profession Popularity
Michael de Santa retired bank robber, Famous criminal life
Franklin Sports car driver Underworld professional
Trevor  Inventive Odd character
Lamar Davis
Ron Jakowski
Lester Crest


The Theme for GTA V download APK

The subject of the Game includes robbery, violence, racing, and narcotics, much like the concept in earlier versions. The player is free to engage in various activities throughout the city to finish tasks. While some missions or achievements only need you to straighten out the quarrelling couples, others require you to steal something to succeed.

The Grand Theft Auto V is planned out using contemporary technology that wasn’t included in earlier iterations. It features some advancements in addition to giving customers a realistic experience of a criminal who is capable of anything.

There is good news for you if you enjoy driving. Vehicles in GTA 5 APK have more realistic and special effects, including those you may see in everyday life.

One factor in the Game’s popularity among players is its theme. Millions of people play the Game every day and adore it. Users may also utilize the money they earn after completing missions to buy shares and visit other businesses. GTA 5 APK mixes high criminality and the user’s ability to adjust for stock values, pushing you via various game actions.

What is included in the GTA V download APK? 

Some of GTA 5 download APK’s most prominent features are listed below. View these to see its incredible features:

The creators of Grand Theft Auto V have made sure that the player has total control over the character. It contains several processes and activities that anyone may perform in the actual world. The user may also wander the city, steal automobiles, buy real estate, and other things.

A game nowadays would be useless if it had HD visuals of the highest calibre, and the GTA 5 APK takes this need into account.

The Game’s aesthetic is improved and made to look more realistic by the variety of people, vehicles, and designs.

Exceptional and thrilling stages combine in Grand Theft Auto 5. Every step that comes after the first is more engaging and captivating.

 Can the Players of GTA V download APK earn money? 

The Game lets the user take on the role of a criminal from the underground who roams the city as it pleases. As a result, gamers have far more power in GTA V download APK than in other games.

The player may earn money by completing a variety of thrilling quests. Another game feature is the option to spend that money on purchasing automobiles, assets, stocks, and real estate.

This offers a larger category of vehicles that also includes sporty automobiles. Therefore, you no longer need to play with the common ones you see on the way. The automobiles also have the intriguing feature of being customizable at a workshop.

The Game’s control keys are outstanding. All of them are easily manageable by the user, and the driving controls are excellent.

The Game’s sound effects have been upgraded and are very accurate.

GTA V download APK offers many possibilities

On the majority of Android smartphones with 2 GB of RAM or more, the user may download the Game. To guarantee that your gaming experience stays at the top, you would need a better phone if you planned to run the Game at its highest settings.

Another item that has improved is the city. In contrast to earlier iterations of the Game, which only offered a small number of interior rooms to explore,GTA V download APK

offers a far larger area to explore. There are also many other possibilities in the Game, such as the ability to rob banks, break into other people’s homes, fly an aeroplane, and more.

The essential goal of the Game’s designers is to guarantee that the player retains control of their character. It covers a variety of actual behaviours that a person is capable of. The user may wander freely across the city, buy real estate anywhere, and steal automobiles, among other things.

One of the most sought-after elements in today’s games is high-definition visuals. Every player has this expectation of a game. Thus, the creators made sure to include it in the Game for the players.

The Game offers a vast range of automobiles and designs, as well as a diversity of people, which add to the attraction and realism of the experience.

One of the reasons why the Game is so appreciated by players worldwide is because of the various thrilling and outstanding levels inGTA V download APK narrative mode.

Compared to earlier iterations of the Game, the vehicle control mechanism has been altered. Now that the user has far more control over it, they may have a more satisfying and realistic experience.

The player may utilize the money they earn from completing tasks to purchase weapons, vehicles, and real estate across the city.

The developers have greatly enhanced the city. The city is now much more prominent than in earlier iterations of the Game, with additional areas to be discovered.

Mobile Specifications for GTA V Download APK 

  1. A high-quality phone capable of running the HD graphics game is the most significant and vital prerequisite for operating GTA 5 mobile. You will enjoy playing the Game if your phone has HD Graphics capabilities. This Game might operate better for you if you have a low-end gadget that can’t support high-quality visuals.
  2. You would need an operating system that is at least Android 4+. The mobile device must have at least 2 GB of RAM and an Adreno GPU. Your smartphone must have a quad-core CPU or greater and at least 2 GB of free storage space.

GTA 5 for iOS gadgets

On an iOS device, GTA 5 is also accessible, but the user has to use an external website to download it.

The gameplay experience on the iOS device is incredibly smooth and detailed, and the creators have paid much attention to detail to ensure it is perfect. Also, the iOS version of the Game has all the features you would expect. (

Final Note

GTA 5 download APK is a fantastic game full of adventure and thrilling objectives that will keep you interested constantly. You’ll be amazed by the various features it has.

The nicest part about the game’s APK version is that, contrary to popular opinion, it doesn’t impact your smartphone’s performance, introduce bugs or spyware, or in any other way snoop on you. Therefore, you must download the version of the game if you’re a game fan who wants to try it out.

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