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Five reasons why image privacy is a big concern these days

Image privacy has become one of the biggest concerns these days. You must know that technology, the internet, and other digital elements have many benefits. Still, every beautiful thing has its darker side. One of the darker sides or cons of the digital world is that it simply breaches your privacy. In this article, you will find five reasons why image privacy is a big concern today. If you think that the images you have posted online are safe and secure, you are wrong, and you need to read this post. 

Top reasons why image privacy is a big concern these days

There are many reasons why image privacy is a big threat today, but in this section, we will list the top five hot ones. 

Google tends to save your digital images in its database

The images that you add to your website or personal blog are indexed by Google and other search engines are saved in their database. These images remain in the database of the search engine. They can easily be searched by any user searching for relevant keywords or even images. The cases of image plagiarism have increased a lot in the past, mainly because of the free availability of all sorts of images on the internet. People searching for images on the web are not aware of the consequences of image plagiarism which is why you can see that every image published on the web is always at risk of getting stolen. A person who has created a unique image for their site would lose their credibility and SEO score if another site steals and uses their images. 

Scammers can use images on social media for identity theft

Today, the trend of identity theft has also increased because the images you add on social media are not safe. You should know that if you have not enabled the security features on your profile, you must know that your profile is always at risk of losing your images. Today your images can be used on different profiles and for digital scamming. A scammer can easily get your profile image and use it to contact your friends and family. Today, most famous profiles have multiple fake accounts using the same images as the original ones. 

Product images are always at risk of getting stolen 

Here you should know that product images added on business websites are also at risk of getting duplicated by your competitors. Product images are not easy to create, so you need to make sure that your images are well protected. If others are stealing and using your images, you need to know that it can damage your business. Today you can use the reverse image search technique that can help you find out if another website is using your images without your permission.

Your images can be used for catfishing 

Catfishing is another thing that you need to save yourself from. Catfishing refers to using another person’s image and name for multiple purposes. Catfish accounts are mostly used for scamming someone for money or online dating. You can face a lot of embarrassment if your profile is used for catfishing. The trend of catfish accounts has increased over the past years, and this is one of the biggest reasons image privacy is a big concern. 

Image theft can result in phishing attempts

Phishing is a serious threat that you can see today in the digital world. This term refers to the criminal activity that involves getting a person’s personal information from the web. Phishing attacks are usually made via email, text messages, or phone calls. Phishing attackers would often prey on weak social media profiles. People new on social media can easily be scammed and lose their banking details or other personal information. These fake accounts would usually have stolen images on their profiles.

How can you avoid image privacy threats?

In the past, there was no such way to find out whether another person was using your images, but today, technology has introduced the reverse picture search technique. Reverse image search is the technique that involves the method of search by image instead of text. If you are worried that your images might be misused, you can easily search them with the help of reverse photo lookup.

You can search by images via Google, reverse image search websites, and other third-party utilities. You need a browser and a web connection to search your images and ensure that another person is not using them. You can easily find similar images on websites, social media accounts, and other digital web assets. 

The search by image technique is undoubtedly the easiest way to find image plagiarism. You can avoid image theft-related threats by using this technique and tools!

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