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ezXSS is a tool that provides an easy way for the penetration testers and the bug bounty hunters for the testing of Cross-Site Scripting XSS.


  1.       Easy to use dashboard with statics, payloads, view/share/search reports, and more
  2.       Payload generator
  3.       Instant #Email alert on payload
  4.       Custom #javascript payload
  5.       Enable/Disable screenshots
  6.       Prevent double payloads from saving or alerting
  7.       Block #domains
  8.       Share reports with a direct link or with other ezXSS users
  9.       Easily manage and view reports in the dashboard

Secure your login with extra protection (2FA)

This tool was developed only for research purposes and not for any illegal uses. The developers of this tool are not responsible for any misuse of the tool and the consequences that may follow.

Download Link: https://github.com/ssl/ezXSS

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