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Extratorrent Proxy: The Best Proxy List For You!

ExtraTorrent is a torrent index and a search engine. Extra torrent was very popular until its domain and networks shut down in May 2017. Due to several legal complications and copyright troubles, Extratorrent2 was brought down. Extratorrent proxy was started in 2006 and, in a relatively short amount of time, garnered a lot of attention. This happened due to its large collection of torrent files and magnet links to almost all types of content, like movies, TV shows, music, software, games, etc. The platform was very easy to use and had a vast library of content, which attracted a large number of people. People could easily watch their favorite content without having to pay a hefty amount, and in a way, entertainment was revolutionized.

The Blocking of ExtraTorrent and the Birth of Extratorrents Proxy:

The shutdown of ExtraTorrents was a shocking blow for all the individuals who relied on the platform to watch their favorite content. Nobody knows for certain the reason behind the shutdown of the platform. However, it is believed that it was mostly because of legal complications or fear of legal complications arising later on.

As a result, many mirror and proxy sites started emerging. While people were still trying their best to unblock Extratorrents, ExtraTorrent Proxy was gaining a wide amount of attention among people. It has a lot of implications for the current legal scenario and is changing the way entertainment is watched.

These ExtraTorrent Proxy sites show themselves as mediators who enable users to navigate the internet limitations set by governments or ISPs. As proxies hide the actual IP addresses of the users and provide a way to connect through different servers, it allows users to access the ExtraTorrent site that has been blocked, thereby continuing to provide them with the required content.

There are many ExtraTorrent Proxy sites that are run by several different parties to avoid being closed and to keep on giving people ways to access torrents. However, utilizing these proxies has its consequences, which include encountering malware, increased data breaches, and legal complications. Such risks have to be contained through the use of security measures like VPNs or virtual private networks, together with knowledge of the legal implications of torrenting.

What Are a Few ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites?

After ExtraTorrent was shut down in 2017, there was a frenzy all around as people were disturbed. People tried several methods that were thought to bring about an Extratorrents unblock, but it could not be done successfully. Torrents often have copyrighted material that is illegal and thus often come under the scrutiny of legal authorities.

Under such circumstances, several ExtraTorrent Proxy sites have come into place. These mirror sites can be easily accessed without fearing the legal implications. These ExtraTorrent Proxy sites keep changing their domain addresses so that they are not under the radar of any legal authority. However, currently, there are a few ExtraTorrent Proxy sites that can be trusted and function quite smoothly. Some of them are:

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What are the risks associated with ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites?

Even when C sites are extremely helpful because individuals can now watch their favorite content without having to pay any subscription fees or with the fear of any legal implications, they do have their set of drawbacks. The extra torrent proxyextratorrents proxy 2023 has some disadvantages despite all the major benefits that it provides.

Thus, given below are a few of the risks associated with ExtraTorrent Proxy sites:


This is one of the most formidable risks associated with using an ExtraTorrent Proxy site. Many of these proxy sites are sometimes used by hackers and suspicious individuals who put up different kinds of viruses on the site. Thus, by clicking on a button or by simply downloading a file, you may give access to viruses like Trojan Horse or other kinds of malware on your system.

This can cause your system to malfunction and often lead to the leak of sensitive information. Not just the security of your system, but also the smooth functioning of your system, will often be disrupted. In most cases, it is advisable to install anti-virus software on your system beforehand. This will ensure that your system remains safe from any kind of attack by viruses.

Problems of Privacy

ExtraTorrent Proxy sites ensure that your IP addresses are hidden from the destination website. It is helpful because it allows individuals to watch their favorite content without fear of any legal consequences. However, ExtraTorrent Proxy sites can put you in danger by hiding your IP addresses at times.

For instance, you fall into the trap of constant surveillance and monitoring by your Internet service provider. Thus, even though, with the help of ExtraTorrent proxy sites, you can easily access your favorite content, it can often come at the cost of your privacy.


Some ExtraTorrent Proxy sites may lure you into giving up your personal information when you are logging into the site. At times, they pose such questions as a compulsory step before you can log into the website. You should never trust such attempts, as they are ways to obtain your personal information.

Thus, these fake login pages will access all your personal information and use it against you. In order to ensure that you are safe from phishing attacks, you should not enter any kind of personal information on the ExtraTorrent Proxy Site login page.


ExtraTorrent is a prime example of a torrent site shutting down that made the signal halt in the torrenting niche, but it lives on through its proxy sites. Even after its shutdown, with the arrival of several ExtraTorrent Proxy sites, individuals can still access their favorite shows and films on the net without any worry.

Mirror sites such as the ExtraTorrent Proxy site have democratized the way entertainment was imagined before. Now, one does not need to pay a hefty amount just to watch their favorite content. Despite their advantages, such sites often contain viruses, which have to be mitigated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there ways to unblock Extratorrents?

Answer: Yes, you can unblock Extratorrents by using this site called GoProxy. They have a collection of over ninety million IP addresses, which can be accessed in over two hundred countries. One of the biggest advantages of this site is that it has a comprehensive and 24/7 customer care service. The site also has high-speed connections, which will allow you to download the videos with ease.

Are there legal risks to using ExtraTorrent Proxy sites?

Answer: Depending on the country you are situated in and the legal laws that are in place in your country, you can fall into legal risks by using ExtraTorrent Proxy sites.

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