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Exploring Different Types of Knowledge: A Comprehensive Guide

Let’s define the term “knowledge” before investigating deeper into the seven diverse knowledge types. In a nutshell, knowledge is the sum of facts, abilities, and understanding that a person obtains through reasoning, education, and knowledge in a specific field.

Success in the workplace often rests on the ability, usability, and degree of knowledge shared by a society. Studies show that knowledge exchange improves global business performance, creativity, and innovation. We’ll define each of the seven fundamental categories of knowledge in this guide and how they manifest in our daily lives. Now let’s get started!

Types of knowledge:

  1. Explicit knowledge
  2. Implicit knowledge
  3. Tacit knowledge
  4. Procedural knowledge
  5. Declarative knowledge
  6. A Posteriori knowledge
  7. A Priori knowledge
  •  Explicit Knowledge:

Easily communicated and documented information that is formal and codified is known as explicit knowledge. It includes written or spoken statements of facts, theories, practices, and guidelines. Explicit knowledge can be shared and distributed among people and organizations by being preserved in books, databases, or digital repositories. Databases, manuals, patents, and textbooks are a few examples. For information to be preserved and passed down through the generations, as well as to foster group creativity and learning, explicit knowledge is necessary.

  • Implicit knowledge:

In core, implicit knowledge is learned services or know-how. It is acquired by applying explicit knowledge to a particular circumstance. Implicit knowledge is what happens when you use explicit knowledge in a book on flying mechanics and an arena layout diagram, for example, to function the aircraft.

  •   Tacit Knowledge:

Implicit knowledge is challenging to define or formalize. It is ingrained in people’s minds and stems from their subconscious processes, intuition, and life experiences. Rather than being taught explicitly, implicit knowledge is typically transmitted through social interaction, imitation, and observation. Examples include cultural norms, interpersonal skills, and intuitive problem-solving. Although difficult to transfer, tacit knowledge is essential for regular decision-making and the growth of expertise.

  •   Procedural knowledge:

Practical knowledge obtained by repetition and experience is known as procedural knowledge. It entails developing the abilities and methods necessary to carry out particular tasks effectively. Bike riding, playing an instrument, and computer programming are a few examples. Procedural knowledge differs from theoretical knowledge in that it frequently calls for practical experience and muscle memory.

  •  Declarative Knowledge:

Propositions and factual information about the world are referred to as declarative knowledge. It involves being aware of “what” or “that” something is real. Declarative knowledge can be true or false and is usually expressed as claims or statements. Mathematical theorems, scientific laws, and historical events are a few examples. Declarative knowledge serves as the cornerstone of comprehension and reasoning, laying the groundwork for additional study and research.

  •  A Posteriori knowledge:

Specific experience can harvest personal knowledge, known as a posteriori knowledge. Even though this kind of information shouldn’t be added to a company’s knowledge base, teams still depend heavily on it to succeed. This type of data helps people classify their experiences-based strengths and inadequacies, and it can assist trades in broadening the ability set of their workforces.

  •  A Priori knowledge:

Contrary to posterior knowledge, a priori knowledge is acquired without the aid of experience or proof. This kind of information is frequently disseminated via logical thinking or abstract thought. A priori knowledge isn’t always recorded, but it’s frequently demonstrated by a team’s capacity for comprehension and logic in difficult times.

Internet knowledge

Businesses of all sizes and sectors use intranets as a platform for internal communiqué and teamwork. It’s a private network that only official partners and staff members can accept, allowing safe information sharing, improved collaboration, and better communications. Intranets, like any credential-based system, are prone to social engineering attacks. 

Since any out-of-date software version has security flaws, hacking is a real risk that could expose personal data and documents to the public or result in a ransom demand. It is excellent to integrate with your chat platform. But, a chat integration that sends you to the portal may be given since a traditional intranet is restricted to a portal. Investigate next-generation systems that can provide contextual information in any web tool.


In summary, knowledge is a multifaceted concept with a variety of applications. These various forms of knowledge, which range from tacit and theoretical to empirical and procedural, influence how we interact with others, solve problems, and view the world. We can better appreciate the complexity and richness of human cognition and creativity if we are aware of the traits and uses of each type of knowledge.

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