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Explore and start using the Spotify web player

Too many apps on your smartphone? Or too many files and applications on your laptop? However, do you feel obligated to download those apps you use daily such as – the world’s largest music and podcast streaming app – Spotify?

Spotify app can now be streamed without downloading the app. It can be used via Spotify web player. This would be incorrect to suggest that Spotify’s web player is a one-stop solution for all the storage problems in your device. However, it does help a lot. As your device won’t have to deal with the general application space, the internal space that the memories of the app occupy, the cache, and so on, leaving space for a lot of other things. Let us explore more about Spotify web player. Tired of imagining situations, right? Let’s see how to access and use Spotify web player, and dive right into it!

There is no doubt regarding the statistical high of users using a web browser to search for something or the other. Hence, it has just made the task easier to search the URL to the Spotify web player. The application is made up of a progressive web application.

What is Spotify Web player?

An app where an individual can search for any song of their desire and listen to it on a loop. Spotify provides the widest range of options and a lot of benefits. However, it is a sure-shot concept that an application with such a wide range of perks and services must occupy quite a hefty memory space in your device. It has a target audience ranging from all age groups and provides the services for free. Spotify also allows users to save songs, download them, and make customized playlists according to their listening habits. Spotify also provides a variety of premium packages that allow users to subscribe to the application and listen to music without any ad disturbance.

A question that must twitch your senses – do we have to download the app on our devices to make use of all the services? Here’s an answer to your rescue – NO! The most listened to music company has now brought to you the advantage of browsing the application link on any web browser and signing up/ login in for free and availing all the services as it is. Now that is known as Spotify Web player. However, just because we are using Spotify web player, will it deliver limited services? Yet again the answer is – NO! Spotify Web player listeners can still avail of all the services such as creating their playlists, subscribing to packages offered by Spotify, liking and disliking music and podcasts, and so on.

For example, a lot of us have accounts on Meta (previously known as Facebook) or Twitter but do not want to keep the apps on our devices as they occupy a lot of space. Instead of downloading the apps and keeping their icons on-screen, we avail their services and scroll through their feed via web browsing. Similarly, we justifiably suggest using Spotify web player.

Which web browsers can we log in to Spotify Web Browser?

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge, are of the popular web browsers which are easily accessible to users.

How to sign up or log in to Spotify web player?

  • Open any of the above-mentioned web browsers and enter “Spotify web player” on the search bar, and enter/ tap on search.
  • Tap on the first URL that appears, that is,
  • As you enter the web link, the page appears, and the user interface is similar and adjacent to that of the application of Spotify. You will find the options of sign up or login in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • If you don’t have an existing account then opt for the sign-up option.
  • The form that appears, you need to fill that up with a valid email address and password and enter all the required details accurately for the software to process and function according to your interest while using it.
  • If you already have an account on Spotify, then simply tap on login, and enter your email id and password to enter your existing account and you have the option to stay logged in to your Spotify account on the Spotify web player on your smartphone or laptop.
  • Spotify Web player allows the listeners to create their library, and choose artists, albums, favorite songs, or desired podcasts, without any limits.
  • Spotify web player is as user-friendly as the Spotify device application and doesn’t let the user feel any different, rather it is an advantage as it doesn’t occupy extra space in your device leaving room for other things.
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