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Experts Tips for DIY Short Haircuts for Women!


During the pandemic, many people cut their hair at home. As salons were closed for months due to the virus, few options were available then. Many women cut their own hair and opted for short hairstyles. But how does one pull off short haircuts for women without it turning into a total disaster?

In this article, learn the right way to cut your hair at home. We gathered tips from experts for DIY haircuts for women. This blog focuses primarily on shorter hairstyles. Read on for professional tips for achieving a trendy DIY short women’s hairstyle.

Tips for DIY Short Haircuts for Women

Most of us, at one time or another, have had the urge to chop off our own hair. In 2020, many of us succumbed to this urge and had a disastrous home haircut. However, if you follow these simple tips, your short haircut will look like you went to a professional hairstylist.

  1. Know what style you want before you cut your own hair

Never pick up a pair of scissors or clippers without choosing the look you wish to achieve. Select a photo of the women’s short hairstyle before cutting your hair. Find a YouTube tutorial on achieving that particular look or step-by-step instructions from a professional hair blog or hairstyle website.

  1. Use the proper tools

Remember the Flowbee? Many people turned to the Flowbee during the pandemic for a home haircut. Don’t fret, though, even if you currently don’t own a Flowbee, a quality pair of hair clippers and hair scissors will suffice.


The biggest mistake for home haircuts occurs when we use the same scissors to cut our hair that we use to cut fabric or other materials. We cannot stress enough how important using the right kind of scissors for haircuts is. Hair scissors purchased at a beauty salon or the beauty aisle of a local pharmacy or box store are ideal for home haircuts.

Should you choose hair clippers, opt for the largest attachment, typically size eight. Start at the top of your head until you achieve the desired length. Experts advise cordless beard trimmers for the areas around your neck and ears.

  1. Ask a friend, roommate, etc., for assistance

No shame exists in asking for help, especially for short haircuts for women. If, for any reason, you do not feel comfortable cutting your own hair, reach out to a friend, roommate, partner, etc., for help. If you are the least bit nervous about cutting your hair or asking a friend for help, we strongly advise that you make an appointment with your stylist as soon as possible. Many people regret cutting their hair at home, so wait and resist the temptation.

Bonus tip: When cutting your own hair at home, use your selfie mode on your camera phone as a mirror. This ensures that the back of your hair does not result in a hot mess of a home haircut.

  1. Never just grab the clippers and start trimming any which way!

Remember, you can never put your hair back if you chop off too much the first time. We suggest that you separate your hair from the side and top using hair clips. Next, trim the sides and back of your head, starting at the hairline.

Experts suggest that you pull your hair back as you trim upward, as this helps a smooth transition from short hair to long. After cutting the sides to the desired length, use beauty scissors to blend the sides and top.


  1. Do not rush your home haircut

Patience is always the key when it comes to DIY short women’s haircuts. Never attempt a DIY cut if you don’t have ample time. Regretting a home haircut may result in an extra trip to the hair salon that could result in completely shaving your head or an extremely short haircut.

Following these experts, tips ensure that you will end up with a stylish and proper short hairstyle for women. As mentioned earlier, should you feel the least bit uneasy about cutting your hair, book an appointment at a professional salon immediately!

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