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Everything You Need To Know About – Sim Card Iphone

SIM cards are used in iPhones in the same way that they are in other phones. They have either a real SIM card or an eSIM, also known as an embedded SIM, which is a fully virtual SIM card. In contrast to other SIM M, also known as an embedded SIM, which is a fully virtual SIM card. An eSIM, unlike regular SIM cards, cannot be physically touched. The majority of today’s iPhone models accept Nano SIM cards (these have been in use since iPhone 5). However, starting with the iPhone 11, subsequent versions support eSIM cards.

However, starting with the iPhone 11, subsequent versions support eSIM cards. The iPhone 14 eSIM-only phone was introduced by Apple in 2022. That indicates there is no SIM card slot at all. To understand much more about SIM card iPhone, keep reading this article”

Which Sim Card Should Be Used For Which iPhone?

Do you know which SIM card works with which iPhone? Here’s a chart showing the various iPhone SIM card iPhone sizes so you know which size you need if you’re switching to a new SIM card. If you’re transferring SIM cards, several carriers include 3-in-1 SIM cards with their plans to ensure you have the correct size. Just a thought.

iPhone model SIM Card
The actual SIM Card iPhone size Full size SIM
iPhone 3 SIM card size Full size SIM
iPhone 4 SIM card size Micro SIM
iPhone 5 SIM card size Nano SIM
iPhone 6 SIM card size Nano SIM
iPhone 7 SIM card size Nano SIM
iPhone 8 SIM card size Nano SIM
iPhone X SIM card size Nano SIM and eSIM 
iPhone 11 SIM card size Nano SIM and eSIM 
iPhone 12 SIM card size Nano SIM and eSIM 
iPhone 13 SIM card size Nano SIM and eSIM 
iPhone 14 SIM card size eSIM only


A full-size SIM card is the largest of all SIM cards (its dimensions are 85 mm x 53 mm), while nano SIM cards are the smallest (coming in at just 12.3 mm x 8.8 mm). As previously stated, eSIM cards are totally virtual SIM cards.

How To Uninstall A Sim Card Iphone

If you ever need to remove your  SIM card iPhone (for example, to transfer cell providers), here’s a basic guideline—although it will generally depend on which model you have.

  • First, locate your phone’s SIM tray. This will be on the right side of most iPhones. Look for the SIM tray on the top of an older iPhone.
  • Once you’ve located it, gently push it in with a paperclip or a SIM Ejector Tool. 
  • It will pop up, allowing you to remove the SIM card from the tray.
  • Simply insert the new SIM card iPhone of your choosing and call/text/add amusing emojis to all of your contacts’ names. You may recycle your old SIM card (usually your wireless provider can do that for you).

How To Check Whether The Sim Card Is Enabled Or Not

Beginning with the iPhone 11, further models of iPhones support eSIM. iPhones used to take both physical SIM cards and eSIM, but with the iPhone 14, they switched to eSIM-only. Aside from being practically immediate, eSIM is also incredibly safe due to its built-in security features…and the fact that it cannot be stolen or copied. Because there is less plastic and no physical shipment, eSIM is better for the environment, not to mention the dual SIM capabilities.

Does Iphones Support Dual Sim?

The iPhone 11 was the first eSIM-enabled iPhone, and it supports “dual SIM,” which allows you to have one phone line on a traditional SIM card and another on an eSIM. In this regard, the iPhone 12 also supports dual SIM. The iPhone 13 eSIM went one step further by supporting dual SIM with two eSIM cards or a real SIM card plus an eSIM. 

Then there’s the eSIM-only iPhone 14, which doesn’t take traditional SIM cards at all. However, it, like the iPhone 13, supports dual SIM with two eSIM cards (find out more about this via our article all about dual SIM). Because why should you?

How To Enable Esim On An iPhone

Do you want to know how to install an eSIM on your iPhone? Everything is done digitally with a few touches on the screen. Most cellular carriers will supply you with a QR code to scan in order to download and install an eSIM into your iPhone. That’s right—as it’s simple as pulling up a restaurant’s menu on your phone.

What Information Is Kept On Iphone Sim Cards?

Unlike other devices, the data saved on an iPhone SIM card differs slightly from that of other SIM cards. Unlike conventional SIM cards that often save your contacts and other user data, iPhone SIM cards do not store your contacts or other user data. 

This is due to the fact that user data is really kept on your iPhone’s storage or in iCloud. When you have an iPhone, this makes switching SIM cards much easier because all of your data is still on the device. Check out our information on what is saved on a SIM card to see what else different SIM cards contain.

Is It Possible To Get A New Sim Card For The iPhone?

If you want to move to a cellular provider that, say, provides premium wireless for $15 per month and has a cute green fox mascot, you’ll need to purchase a new SIM card (or eSIM). Being able to purchase a new SIM card also allows you to bring your own phone while switching providers, which saves you money. 

To switch SIM cards, you’ll need an unlocked phone, so read our unlocked phone guide to figure out what the f*! that is (we said fox again). If you’d prefer just to acquire a new phone to go with that new SIM card, such as the iPhone 14, so you can truly enjoy eSIM, check out our fantastic phone discounts.

As previously said, the fact that iPhones keep crucial information like contacts and all of your dog’s images on iCloud or in storage makes transferring SIM cards much easier because all of that data will still be on your phone.

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