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Everything that You Need to Know About New Mobile Media Business Plan

In this article, we will talk about the company, which is a topic for discussion for most students let me tell you that it is not a company, but you will be surprised to know that it is an app. This app helps the students to earn money, while New mobile media promises that with the help of this business, the students will be able to earn ₹30,000 to ₹40,000 every month. But folks, if you want to know the truth about the New Mobile Media Business business plan, then you need to read the article to know more. Keep reading, folks.

NMM New Mobile Media:

Folks, before reading this article, you all must have been wondering about New Mobile Media. Well, it is a multinational company that is said to be established in 2020 in America. It is a very big advertising company with 10500 companies associated with it. New Mobile Media also has big advertising companies associated with it and has tied up with 10,000 companies that will support it. Folks, you must know that you will be charged some money in return for showing the advertisements on your New Mobile Media app. But the app is pretty cool to use.

To say in simple language, it is the same way any company can run its advertisement in NMM mobile media by advertising in google adwords. You can understand this from youtube and blogging.

Business Plan of New Mobile Media Company:

When you look at the new mobile media company pdf, you will see that that company promises to distribute about 50% of its total earnings to the distributor of their NMM company, which is the business partner of this company, and it also promotes this company.

Well, folks, I am hoping that you all are interested to know more about this unique app called New Mobile Media. Well, folks, let me tell you that NMM is not a company but an affiliate marketing mobile application, and with its help, many people are earning money today. In NMM- a new mobile media company, all you have to do is invest some money and fulfill the company’s target; in return, you will be getting profit and commission as per your business plan.

Business Details of NMM Company:

Well, folks, I hope you have an idea of what NMM is and how it operates. In this segment, we will tell you more about the New Mobile Media business plan. So, keep reading to know more.


Company Name NMM-New Mobile Media Private limited
Company Nature Advertisement Marketing | shares by limited
Established Year 2020
Headquartered USA
Official website
NMM Mobile App Updating Soon


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A Peek into the History of New Mobile Media:

Well, folks, I am sure that you all want to know more about the New Mobile Media. In this section, we will give you a peek into the history of New Mobile Media. When it comes to the background of the New Mobile Media Company, the company is a multinational company that functions its business by operating through the internet. It shows advertisements while many companies like the NMM are in the market.

A New Mobile Media app is a unique approach to generating business via the internet. The history of New Mobile Media is not that old, while the distributors of the company say that it is difficult to believe NMM in its initial days because it was not an Indian company, and there are many such companies that were already running the market.

The trusted business partners of New Mobile Media company are: Zippo ,Hifiman, origins, and como tomo Valvoline, Gregory.

Isn’t it amazing an MNC, well, there is more information that you need to know about New Mobile Media. All you have to do is keep reading to know more.

New Mobile Media Business Plan Review:

New Mobile Media business plan digital business can be started by anyone, and that too with low investment; for this, is to happen, the distributor has to have an android mobile phone and shall be giving referrals to so many people in this business along with people who will be joining your team, you will be promoted as soon as the company does. Isn’t it amazing?

On the following things the business plan of the New Mobile Media Company depends on:

  • The company takes ₹260 from its new partners, which is returned after 3 days.
  • An advertisement of Nmm ranges from ₹ 1 to ₹ 2, so you must forward it through the server.
  • On creating a new agent of Nmm company, you get ₹ 40 per day, which closes after some time.
  • Nmm is a promotional company that does not provide any jobs.
  • Nmm takes money from her partner only once in a whole lifetime; after that, if money is being asked from you, then fraud is happening to you.

What is the Marketing Plan for New Mobile Media?

Agents working with the New Mobile Media plan will tell you that the New Mobile Media does not sell products like that in a Multi-level marketing company, and you do not have to start your business by spending money from ₹ 10000 to ₹ 15000 as well. In order to start your business at companies like Oriflame Sweden, Amway, Vestige marketing, and the Tupperware industry, you need to invest a huge amount of money only then will you be allowed to do business with them, but this includes many problems.

Well, folks, I am sure you must be thinking about how to earn money from the New Media Mobile app. Well, do not worry we have got you covered.

3 Ways to Earn Money in New Mobile Media:

Daily salary obtained through smart devices,50‐4800 Rs/day

  • When you invite your friends to join your team & referral income
  • When your team is large enough, in addition to the above rewards, you can also get a weekly salary of 1000‐9000 Rs.
  • When you invite your friends to join your team & referral income

Isn’t it amazing? The New Mobile Media business distributors also promise to people that from network marketing companies people are also joining the New Mobile Media business. Still, only the distributors of the New Mobile Media company know what is the real truth.

How Can You Join New Mobile Media?

Any person can join the New Mobile Media business, and it will help them connect to many people. You can register yourself on their official website, and through any NMM agent, you will be able to get into the business, but you need to have the following.

  • Android Phone
  • NMM Business app
  • NMM membership Package
  • Valid mobile number
  • E-mail ID
  • Aadhar card and Pan card


That’s all, folks. Hope the article helped you in getting all the information that you needed.

David Scott
David Scott
Digital Marketing Specialist .


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