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EtherApe is a network traffic browser. It displays network activity graphically. It uses GNOME libraries as its user interface, and  libpcap, a packet capture, and filtering library. EtherApe started as an etherman clone, but now it has some unique features. It can run in “interape” mode with -m ip, and in “tcp-ape” mode with -m tcp. Expect more modes to come soon.


EtherApe will use /etc/ethers if there is one. If not, it will  try to reverse lookup the IP address. It is particularly important when running EtherApe to have the ethernet address of your router in /etc/ethers. If not, your router will have as name whatever IP address it was forwarding traffic from when it was first heard.


You will have to have superuser privileges in order to use this The program, as is the case with any libpcap based application.

If you are not running on a high-color or better display, you might want to use the –no-fade option.


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