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enumIAX is an Inter Asterisk Exchange protocol username brute-force enumerator.

enumIAX may operate in two distinct modes; Sequential Username Guessing or Dictionary Attack.

Sequential Username Guessing:-

In Sequential Username Guessing mode, the tool will auto-construct usernames sequentially from a range of characters defined in the charmap.h file. By default, the character map should be the following characters:

“0123456789abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ”

This character map should be able to guess any alpha-numerically constructed username with or without space characters. For a more exhaustive search, expand the character map to include other character sets already defined in charmap.h, or create your own entirely new and customized character map!
Remember however that the more characters you include in your character map, the longer the session will take as you will be increasing the potential passphrase “keyspace” exponentially.

NOTE: VoIP usernames, like email addresses, are usually case-insensitive.

Dictionary Attack:-

enumIAX may also use usernames from a dictionary file rather than construct usernames itself. “Dict” files are generally just a long list of words or phrases, one word per line. If you already have a favorite Dict file, you can use it here.

Download Link:- https://github.com/foreni-packages/enumiax


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