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Encourage your child to be independent from their childhood

Chores for 8 year-olds

Each child must have specific responsibilities, chores, and duties that they must perform following their age.

There are certain duties that children cannot perform because they are too young. We will provide you with a list of jobs and duties that an eight-year-old child can perform following their age.

First, we must establish that children of this age know how to take basic care of their bodies. By this, we mean regular brushing of teeth, showering and hair washing, independent dressing, and feeding without the help of parents.

Many parents decide to give their children a credit card because there are mobile apps with various charts of chores and duties within them. They also come with useful features such as investing, which replaces archaic things such as investing books for kids.

Parents can adjust the chore tables for children according to their age, and give them a time limit within which they must complete the given tasks.

This is an excellent way of teaching children to perform tasks and responsibilities and offers parents a complete overview of the obligations that are performed or not performed.

Chores and duties that are convenient for 8-year-olds

  1. Preparing simple dishes

Children of this age, with the presence and supervision of one of their parents, can start preparing simple meals in the kitchen.

To begin with, they can learn to prepare sandwiches, cut fruit or vegetables, make eggs, and cook a ready-made meal in the microwave.

What we recommend is that you teach them to use the stove and that they are not afraid of it, because then they will have many possibilities of preparing dishes such as grilled cheese or boiled eggs.

Parents need to be around when children are cutting, but there are currently many cutting tools that are safe for children to use.

  1. Taking care of pets

If children have pets, they must take care of them. Feed them, walk them, clean the area where they defecate, and regularly vacuum for hair.

If the children have animals in the terrarium, they must know how to clean them if necessary. Children must take the dog for a walk at least once a day or let them out in the garden under supervision.

  1. Room cleaning and closet organization

8-year-old children are old enough to organize their wardrobes as they wish, and to take care of the hygiene of their own space where they stay.

Teach them how to change the sheets on the bed, dust, and vacuum their room. Tidying up toys and sorting them into boxes, as well as making the bed, are the basics of taking care of personal space.

  1. Dusting inside the household

Children can perform the chores of dusting simpler surfaces within the household. Involve them in the work when you clean, and give them special tools that are adapted to them with which they can dust certain surfaces.

You can suggest they vacuum lower surfaces to make your job easier, and parents or siblings can vacuum higher surfaces.

  1. Vacuuming all surfaces except stairs

Teach them that they have to vacuum their room once a week and choose the areas inside the house that they will vacuum and rotate between the siblings every week.

  1. Cleaning inside the house

There are various cleaning chores that children can do. Such as putting dishes in and out of the dishwasher, and wiping the table before and after meals.

Children can also wipe the floors, and in this way, they can make it easier for parents because it is easier for them to crawl and wipe some surfaces that may be more difficult for parents.

Regular sweeping of driveways and porches once a week.

  1. Pulling grass and planting flowers

Children can pull grass, help plant flowers and pull unnecessary weeds such as clover around flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

Let it be their task so that the children are in the fresh air, and it is easier for them to relax than for their parents.

  1. Storing groceries after shopping

After their parents come home from shopping, children of this age can put all the groceries away.

Teach children how and in what way to sort food, and that basic foods should always be within their reach so that they don’t climb on chairs or elements.

  1. Cleaning the bathroom

After using the bathroom, children must wipe the floor if they get wet, and wash the bathtub or shower after use.

Put the dirty laundry in the basket and arrange it properly.

  1. Stacking of goods

Teach the children that after washing and drying, they must put the clothes in their proper place.

Also, they can help parents when ironing the goods to arrange and sort them in the designated place.

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