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UNiD is an open-source library that uses decentralised identifiers (DIDs) as the foundation for security and privacy to develop end-to-end secure communications across any devices, including IoT, micro services, and on-premise servers. End-to-end communications is made dependable, secure, and simple thanks to the DIDComm messaging protocol, which operates over any transport.


  1. RoT-based device identity, key, and profile management
  2. Automated provisioning devoid of intermediates, centralised servers, and certificate authorities
  3. End-to-end encryption and mutual authentication
  4. Dynamic policy management and ABAC
  5. Language libraries for Rust, C, NodeJS, and Python
  6. Linux kernel x86(32bit) and x86-64(64bit) middleware, as well as FreeRTOS for ARM Cortex-M33 (32bit)
  7. TPM, ARM TrustZone, Renesas SCE, and Azure KeyVault support for RoT

Disclaimer: The intended use for the tool is strictly educational and should not be used for any other purpose.

Download link: https://github.com/getunid/unid

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