Dridex Banking Trojan Has Returned

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Dridex has become active again. Now it has returned with a new phishing campaign posing as QuickBook invoice. This campaign started on April 19, and has been targeting users of accounting software to be able to infect their systems.

What has happened?

Bitdefender Antispam Lab detected recent attacks where the attackers launched a malspam campaign, targeting QuickBook users with fake invoice and notification of payment.

  • QuickBook users all around the world were targeted in this and emails containing malicious files were delivered to US, Germany, South Korea, and India.
  • The spoofed emails forged the header of QuickBook to look legitimate. The senders played with the names of the senders to avoid detection.
  • To evade the anti-spam mechanism and anti-phishing mechanism, the attackers created a custom mail body.

Recent such activities of Dridex-

The main target of this malware is to collect banking information of the victims.

  • A recent campaign was detected where spam mails were sent impersonating as IRS and delivered to Dridex.
  •  Dridex-related network attacks showed increased activity and they were fuelled by Cutwail botnet.


The mails received as invoice of QuickBook can cause some real security threats. The companies should realize this and keep the security of the organization up-to-date.

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