Cyber security threats are biggest risk to National security: NCSC

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According to National Cyber Security Coordinator Rajesh Pant, threats to cyber security are one of the major threats to national security, hence raising awareness and promoting cyber hygiene are crucial steps to take after audits.

One of the major concerns to national security is cyber security threats, thus awareness-raising efforts and the development of cyber hygiene, followed by audits, are crucial, according to Pant.

In Ashutosh Chadha’s opinion , group leader and director of government affairs for Microsoft India, cybercrime damages nations’ economy more than USD 6 trillion annually and is predicted to reach USD 10 trillion by 2025.


According to Chadha, “this indicates across the sector that every organisation needs to have a culture of security.”

Chairman of the CII Center for Digital Transformation, vice-chairman of NIIT, and MD

India should concentrate on becoming a solution, according to Vijay Thadani, who claimed that artificial intelligence solutions may be employed as the greatest mitigating factors for cyber risks provider of computer security.

As a result, cybersecurity is a strategic issue that affects product capabilities, organisational performance, and customer connections in addition to risk management.

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