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Cyber Security for Business: Steps Taken to Protect Data

If you want to take your company’s cyber security seriously, you need to have a good understanding of what cyber security is and have a clear policy — this will set a foundation on which to build. A clear policy will outline what you need and when it will be most beneficial. This article will examine a cyber security policy and detail how to protect your business better.

What is a cyber security policy?

A cyber security policy will outline what your objectives are when looking to protect your digital operations. Ensure that your cyber-security policy is as effective as it can be by regularly reviewing and updating it as your digital operations change, especially when you are due to update or change systems. Actions like this can expose areas that hackers could target.

If you’re looking to implement a robust SAP security policy, it should address the following areas:

Physical security

This will protect the physical aspects of your organization, including the building itself, as well as the servers and data centers that you use to process any information that enters and leaves.

Information security

If you handle customer or client data, you will need to ensure that this is protected, particularly concerning financial and personal information, as well as passwords and sensitive documents.

Network security

To protect your internal digital operations, having network protection is essential, and this refers to firewalls, failsafe protocols, and instruction detection systems.

User security

To protect your people from potential threats, you’ll also need to shield yourself from direct cyber-attacks, phishing emails, and intrusive malware. Educating your team on this is a big part of ensuring they don’t fall victim to any potential black hat techniques.

How to protect your business

While some of these tips may seem simple, you’d be surprised at how many businesses take their current protections for granted, meaning they may not be reflective of how sophisticated hackers have become.

Taking your cyber security to another level doesn’t need to be a lengthy or costly ordeal. Still, spend time ensuring that you and your team understand the dangers and what you should do to remain safe. Here are a few areas to consider when updating or upgrading your security systems.

Keeping software up to date

Software providers will often release updates to patch vulnerabilities in their systems. While no system will be completely free from issues that could be exploited, regular updates will help ensure that you are always one step ahead of those looking to cause damage. If a particular software is essential for your day-to-day digital operations, you should always ensure access to the latest version.

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Using strong passwords and two-factor authentication (2FA)

While using a password may seem obvious and a given for anybody looking to stay safe online, many people still have passwords that would be easy to guess. As a rule of thumb, try to use a strong password with no personal connection to yourself and aim for it to be at least ten characters long, using a mix of capitalized and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Additionally, use 2FA whenever possible, which can only be accessed by the intended recipient.

Educating employees about cybersecurity

Educating your team about the dangers of poor cybersecurity is one of the most effective things you can do. While we know not to visit strange sites and download items from unverified senders, hackers have become increasingly sophisticated, so always check the email address and whether the email has come from the recipient. You have a better chance of staying safe if you educate your people and ensure they know the latest threats and scams.

Backing up data regularly

If there is a breach in your systems and you find yourself under attack, ensure that you can access your data later. Backing up your systems is one of the smartest things you can do and will help ensure you can quickly recover without starting from scratch. By backing up and reviewing your data regularly, you can spot things before they escalate and act swiftly should the unexpected happen.



Cybersecurity may seem complex and costly, but this isn’t true. By working with a reputable partner, you can take your digital operations to the next level without exposing yourself to potential dangers. Businesses are becoming more aware of the threats posed by black hat hackers, but there are still things you can do to stay ahead of the curve and protect your data when working digitally. By taking these few steps, you can keep your business data safe.

IEMLabs is an ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we are also a proud member of EC Council, NASSCOM, Data Security Council of India (DSCI), Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC), U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). The company was established in 2016 with a vision in mind to provide Cyber Security to the digital world and make them Hack Proof. The question is why are we suddenly talking about Cyber Security and all this stuff? With the development of technology, more and more companies are shifting their business to Digital World which is resulting in the increase in Cyber Crimes.


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