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Cyber security – A must for business travelers

Cybercriminals are basically the slyest whip-smart group of computer network hackers who could be everywhere. The trickiest part is they use others’ devices or IP addresses to steal information, intellectual property, or digital money while they keep their identity and location hidden in the shroud of the dark net.Several high-profile cyber-attacks often target business employees by sending them phishing emails which may result in a compromisation or leakage of privileged credentials or confidential information; this means the entire business network is vulnerable to potential cyber threats. Business travelers, for particular causes, are at risk of being victims of cybercrime, and this happens mostly when they go out of their secure and safe cocoon of well-regulated IT infrastructure.That’s why businesses need to vamp up their endpoint security from cyber-attacks by taking proper cyber security measures. Here are the reasons why business travelers must keep cyber security as one of their top priorities –

Unsafe communication

When business people venture out in their business travels; communication with the team at the central point becomes a crucial task for keeping follow-ups and sharing information. As business travelers often use various networks such as public Wi-Fi and other means of communication while traveling, they become exposed to hidden hacking networks that may exist behind those seemingly innocent network systems. Using charging points with public data cables or leaving the device unattended at a hotel or public place can lead to the stealing of sensitive data.

Business executives carry conferential data

Business travelers may carry sensitive business information like trade deal papers, financial data, or intellectual property. Malicious cyber attackers often try to steal this information from rival brands or competitors.

Their job could be at risk

As employees are responsible for protecting confidential company data and information that they are carrying while traveling, if they fall prey to data breaches caused by cyber criminals, their job could be at great risk and employees can even get charged with a judicial offense and can be held responsible.

Vulnerability to identity theft

Identity theft is a very serious form of cybercrime in which an innocent person can be trapped for a cybercrime that they didn’t commit. That’s why business travelers, in particular, must be very careful about the possibility of their identity or credentials being used to perform a cybercrime.

How to ensure cyber security for businesses and individuals?

Here are some cyber security practices of great importance for any business as a constructive whole as well as business executives and individuals.

Keeping your device secure

Physical security of the devices that you are carrying while traveling is very important. As these being stolen or being left unattended for a while could bring severe consequences for the security of individual as well as business data. That’s why the basic measures for the security of a device such as biometric authentication or a complex PIN, must be set on the devices.

Strong passwords

Business networks must follow a strong password policy in general with a combination of numbers, alphabets, special characters, and such that are hard to guess. One must avoid keeping their password combinations related to things that are easy to guess, such as their names, dates of birth, or other known information.

Keeping Operating Systems and Applications up-to-date

Business executives, as well as individuals, must keep their devices up-to-date with the latest version available. As outdated and old versions of the software are more vulnerable to hacking.

Avoid using public Wi-Fi and keep Bluetooth deactivated

Using public Wi-Fi and public charging points could become a necessity at times of traveling, but it is best to avoid both. As these public Wi-Fi systems are not always encrypted and may be used for phishing browsing data and other information from your device. It is best to have added data plans in your device and a personal power bank for charging.

Cyber security training

Gaining knowledge about cybercrime, its techniques, and the needed security measures can help you safeguard your devices from cyberattacks. That’s why awareness of cybercrime issues is extremely important. Attending such cyber security training in Kolkata or arranging such training for employees in an organization is an investment into the security of the digital property of an individual as well as the company.

In a nutshell

Cybercrime has become a major issue of modern times, with devices being hacked, stolen from, and exploited every now and then. It is, therefore, important for individuals and businesses to recognize the potential risk of this issue and address it with immediate action. It is vital to gain knowledge about the cyber incident response plans that one must initiate if such an unfortunate incident happens.

A cyber security expert can guide you in securing your digital activities, accounts, and information under all conditions, no matter what your location is. IEM Labs – a leading cyber management service provider which can help you with your need for digital security and provide you assistance for protecting business and individual assets.

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