Customer Data Leaked By Hotel Reservation Platform

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Hotel reservation platforms released personal data of customers from famous online booking sites. Prestige Software which is a Spain-based software company of Barcelona was caught for releasing sensitive and private information of millions of customers around the entire world.

Customers using top online booking websites like, Agoda, Expedia, Amadeus, Hotelbeds,, Sabre, Omnibees, and many others have been the victims of victims of this data breach.

Researchers at Website Planet identified the leaked database. They found out a misconfigured AWS S3 bucket owned by Prestige Software. This AWS S3 bucket was left open so that the public can get easy access without any authentication. On analyzing the bucket, researchers concluded that it consisted 22.4GB worth of database of more than 10 million files and the leaked data included personal information of users like names and id proofs along with their financial details.


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