Cryptocurrency Platforms Targeted by Cybercriminals

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cryptocurrency platform targetted by cybersecurity

In recent days, attackers are constantly targeting cryptocurrency platforms and exchanges using several new and advanced attack tactics. Security researchers have discovered an ongoing phishing campaign targeting Coinbase platform users in an attempt to steal their account credentials and drain their cryptocurrency wallets.

The analysis

 shows that the campaign has targeted more than 25,000 Coinbase users since mid-February. Attackers have targeted users from all over the world including India, Brazil, China, U.S, Japan, South Korea, Sweden, Great Britain, Canada, etc. Phishing emails contained fake notifications, warning recipients of unusual activity in their account, requiring immediate action/verification from users have been used as initial attack vectors. The emails also consisted of fake URLs which led to a fake website asking the users to enter their credentials.

Attacks on cryptocurrency trading platforms have risen in the past few months. In addition to phishing and impersonation attacks, attackers are using other attacks such as DDoS and data theft. Due to this rapid increment in cyberattacks against cryptocurrency platforms, security experts recommend staying away from unsolicited correspondence and double-checking web URLs before signing in.



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