CopperStealer Malware is Spreading Through Fake Cracks

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A new version of the CopperStealer virus, which targets computers by infecting them with false cracks for software and programmes, has been discovered. Cyber attackers utilise these bogus applications to perform a range of assaults.

Dropping the CopperStealer

In this assault effort, the hackers provided a phoney cracked programme that really carried malware in order to capitalise on the demand for cracks.

A website or Telegram channel offering/presenting false cracks for downloading and installing the necessary cracks is when the infection starts.

A text file with a password and another encrypted archive are both included in the downloaded archive files.

The encrypted archive displays the executable files after the password specified in the text file is input.

There are two files in this sample: CopperStealer and VidarStealer.

What damage may Vidar Stealer and Copper Stealer cause to your systems?

CopperStealer and Vidar stealer can result in many system infections, major privacy problems, financial losses, and identity theft.



The primary purpose of CopperStealer is to steal stored login data from certain browsers, including usernames, passwords, and internet cookies.

mostly with a corporate aim seeks the login details for Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Variations of CopperStealer also target login credentials for websites and services including Twitter, Tumblr, Apple, Amazon, Bing, and Apple.

Among the browsers from which the virus may steal Facebook-related credentials are Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Yandex.

Vidar thief

Pirated software and deliberate phishing attacks are the main channels for disseminating this virus.

Credit card information, usernames, passwords, files, and images of the user’s desktop can all be taken by Vidar Stealer.

The trojan Vidar steals data from several browsers and other system applications.

Additionally, it has the ability to steal cryptocurrency wallets like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Closing Lines

Attackers can utilise data thieves like CopperStealer to steal sensitive data for more sinister objectives. By doing the following actions, consumers may maintain their safety:

Do not download cracks from unofficial websites.

Utilize the most recent upgrades to keep your systems consistently patched.

Enabling security detection and prevention tools is strongly advised to safeguard systems from attacks.

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