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Consumer Cellular Reviews: An In-Depth Look at the Pros and Cons

Are you tired of paying extra money for your mobile phone plan service? If so, the Consumer Cellular network may be worth considering. This no-contract, low-cost carrier has gained popularity for its affordable plans and senior-friendly features. But is it worth saving? In this review, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of consumer cellular reviews.

What Is Consumer Cellular?

Consumer Cellular is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). It offers customers in the United States of America cell phone service. As an MVNO, Consumer Cellular leases network capacity from reputable carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile rather than owning its own phone network infrastructure. So Consumer Cellular review: The Game-Changer for MVNOs. That’s it.

Reviews Consumer Cellular stated – Consumer Cellular offers no-contract plans with affordable rates and a variety of features, including unlimited talk and text, data plans, international calling, and device financing. The carrier also offers senior-friendly features, such as easy-to-use devices, large fonts, and hearing aid compatibility – as per Consumer Cellular reviews.

Consumer Cellular, established in 1995 – October, has expanded its channels to become the largest MVNO in the US. It serves over 4 million customers. Numerous awards have been given to the business in recognition of its dedication to offering customers cost-effective and flexible mobile phone plans. In late 2020, the company was acquired by private equity firm GTCR.

Consumer Cellular Reviews: How does consumer cellular work:

Consumer Cellular is a wireless service provider that offers no-contract mobile phone plans. The process consists of the following:

Choose a plan:

You can choose your plan from a range of choices that offers various volumes of call time, text messaging, and data in accordance with your demands.

Bring your own handset or buy a new one:

You should bring your existing unlocked phone or purchase a new one from Consumer Cellular’s website.

Activate your service:

Once you have your phone and plan Consumer Cellular, you must activate your service. This can be done online or by calling Consumer Cellular customer service.

Make payments:

You can pay for your service monthly or annually. You can sign up for Auto Pay to have your payment automatically. The amount/money will be deducted from the bank account or credit card balance.

Use your phone: 

You can use your phone/handset to receive phone calls, send text messages, and can access data. As soon as your service is enabled, you can do these. If you go over the monthly data allotment (max data limit), Consumer Cellular will automatically upgrade you to a more expensive plan to avoid overage fees.

Get customer support:

Consumer Cellular offers customer support through phone, email, or online chat. You should ask about concerns on their community forum and receive assistance from other customers.

Consumer Cellular Reviews 2022: Is Consumer Cellular’s Coverage Any Good? Is consumer cellular good?

Being MVNO, Consumer Cellular leases network capacity from other carriers. What network does consumer cellular use? Consumer Cellular uses mainly AT&T and T-Mobile rather than owning its own cellular network equipment. Consumer Cellular has access to a large network of cell towers and other networking infrastructure to give coverage to its consumers. Because AT&T and T-Mobile both networks have substantial coverage across the country.

In the general report of Consumer Cellular reviews, customers of Consumer Cellular have reported good coverage in most urban and suburban areas across the country. It is worth noting that coverage will vary according to the area and network congestion. This is because speeds will slow down or drop calls or data connections when too many users use the network in a single region.

Consumer Cellular reviews suggested – it’s also important to remember that Consumer Cellular won’t have service in some rural or isolated regions of the nation, which might be problematic for customers who reside in or regularly visit those areas. However, for most people living in or travelling to urban and suburban areas, Consumer Cellular’s coverage is generally considered good.

It’s always a good idea to check the coverage map in your region if you’re considering joining Consumer Cellular to be sure you’ll have service where you need it. You might obtain the coverage map on the business’s website or by getting in touch with their customer service representatives.

How Much Does Consumer Cellular Cost?

Consumer Cellular offers affordable mobile phone plans that are designed to fit different budgets and usage needs. The company’s plans range from a basic talk and text plan to unlimited data plans, with prices varying based on the features and data allotments. Here’s a breakdown of the current Consumer Cellular plans and their costs:


Talk & Text


Cost per Month

Talk Only Plan Unlimited None $15
250 Minutes Plan 250 minutes None $20
Unlimited Talk Plan Unlimited None $25
500MB Plan Unlimited 500 MB $25
3GB Plan Unlimited 3 GB $30
10GB Plan Unlimited 10 GB $40
Unlimited Data Plan Unlimited Unlimited $60

Note: All plans come with free unlimited texting.

Consumer Cellular reviews: It’s worth noting that Consumer Cellular also offers discounts for AARP members (AARP cell phone plans), with 5% off on monthly fees and usage charges and 30% off select accessories. Additionally, there are no contracts or fees. So, all customers can modify their plans as per their needs: Consumer Cellular Reviews said this.

You may share your data plan with family or friends with Consumer Cellular’s flexibility to add up to three more lines for $15 per month each. All the lines on the account will share the same pool of data. Additionally, Consumer Cellular will automatically upgrade visitors to a more expensive plan if you go over your data limit and let you know when you are getting close – Consumer Cellular reviews.

Consumer Cellular Reviews: What Phone Options Are Available with Consumer Cellular?

  • Consumer Cellular network allows you to bring your own handset/phone or buy a new one.
  • To use your existing device, check if it’s compatible with their website and ensure it’s unlocked and GSM-compatible.
  • You can order a free SIM card online and follow the included instructions to activate the service.
  • Consumer Cellular also supports eSIM for the iPhone 14.
  • They sell about two dozen Apple and Android phones, including budget and high-end options.
  • Most phones are sold at full price.
  • There are two options for paying for a new phone with Consumer Cellular: paying in full or applying for 0% financing spread over 24 months, with a few amount of down payment required.
  • If you prefer to shop in-store (physical store), Target sells some Consumer Cellular devices.
  • Whether you bring your own phone or purchase a new one, you can keep your existing number if desired.
  • To learn more about keeping your existing number, visit Consumer Cellular’s website.
  • To sign up for Consumer Cellular, you can call 866-393-7974.

How Is Consumer Cellular’s Customer Service?

Consumer Cellular has a good reputation for customer service. Customers might contact them through various methods such as through phone, email, and live chat assistance. They have an extensive FAQ section on their website and a community forum where customers get the scope to ask and get answers to questions.

In addition, Consumer Cellular has received several awards for its customer service, including being ranked “Highest in Customer Service among Non-Contract Value Wireless Providers” by J.D. Power in 2016, 2017, and 2019. Overall, customer reviews indicate that most customers are satisfied with Consumer Cellular’s customer service and find their representatives to be helpful and knowledgeable.

Consumer Cellular Pros and Cons:



Affordable plans for low to moderate usage Limited data options for heavy data users
No contract required Must pay full price for devices
Option to bring your own handset/phone or purchase one No unlimited data plans
Good coverage on the AT&T and T-Mobile networks International roaming fees can be expensive
Discounts available for AARP members Customer service may have long wait times
Family plans available No physical stores and all transactions are online


In conclusion, subscriber cellular is a viable option for those looking to save money on their mobile phone service without sacrificing coverage or features. The carrier’s no-contract plans and senior-friendly options make it a popular choice. And its customer service is highly rated. However, it will not be the best choice for heavy data users or those who need the latest and greatest smartphone. Ultimately Consumer Cellular reviews show the decision to switch to consumer cellular depends on your needs and preferences. If you prioritize affordability and flexibility, it’s worth considering as a cost-effective alternative to your mobile phone service.

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