Clast82 Delivering Banking Trojans

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Recently, a dropper has been discovered spreading via Google Play Store to deliver financial trojans. AlienBot Banker and MRAT trojans have been spread by the dubbed Clast82 on infected Android devices. With the help of these banking Trojans attackers can easily take over banking applications, steal financial data, and also intercept 2FA codes on the victims’ devices. 

Dubbed Clast82 is actually responsible for spoofing utility applications like Cake VPN, QRecorder, Pacific VPN, QR/Barcode Scanner MAX, and BeatPlayer within innocent-looking softwares. While MRAT provides remote access to compromised devices, AlienBot is used to inject malicious code into genuine applications installed in smartphones. The operators of this campaign have used several advanced tactics to install malicious applications in victim’s devices.

Day by day, these attacks are gradually increasing and it is becoming a serious threat for people using mobile banking for their daily operations. Hence security experts recommend having an anti-malware application installed on all devices to avoid such fraudulent activities.

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