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Chinese Security firm releases ‘Cyber Terrorism against Sikhs in India’ report

Qihoo360 Technology, a Beijing-based software company has released a report that Indian Sikhs who have an inclination towards politics are under attack from a group called “APT C-35”.

APT C-35 has targeted many Khalistan Sikhs by launching many phishing websites and mobile app.

Qihoo 360 Core Safety crew reported, “There are ongoing phishing and spyware and adware distribution marketing campaigns concentrating on Sikhs in India. There are roughly 30 million Sikhs, followers of a Fifteenth-century monotheistic faith, and most of them (83%) reside in Punjab, India”.

“Many people in this religious group seek political and regional independence, so they have been accused of pro-separatism and anti-India propaganda. This malware distribution campaign exploits precisely that aspect of Sikhism, so it’s highly targeted and has very specific motives”, the report further revealed.”




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