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CBSE Training Portal: Explore More About the Details!

The Central Board of Secondary Education is well-known for its commitment to providing an all-round and comprehensive educational experience for the students enrolled in CBSE. The CBSE Training Portal can be regarded as a step in that direction to ensure that all students and teachers are able to perform their tasks with due diligence.

The CBSE online training portal is an initiative by the government to ensure that the site has a comprehensive syllabus, including the syllabus for all the disciplines, guidelines, and a teaching guide for the professors. The CBSE Training Portal has been designed to provide professional development to teachers. With the help of the CBSE portal, the teaching professionals shall get the required amount of training, which will help them excel in their work in the classroom.

The CBSE training registration 2024-25 can be carried out either free of charge, or one can subscribe to a few courses that will help them navigate through their professional world smoothly. The use of the CBSE Training Portal is a compulsory requirement for teachers in order to provide comprehensive and fair training to the students.

The central government also recently announced that teachers and instructors have to go through a compulsory fifty hours of training on the CBSE online training portal. These fifty hours have been mandated by the government, and the school has to ensure that instructors spend the required amount of time on the CBSE Training Portal.

The fifty compulsory hours available on the CBSE portal training have been divided equally between the CBSE experts and the instructors brought in by the specific school. Thus, the teachers have to go through 25 hours of CBSE training by an expert from the board and another 25 hours by another private instructor hired by the school. In certain cases, the principal of the school also offers certain sessions on the CBSE Training Portal.

Features of the CBSE Training Portal

This online platform was designed to democratize education and take it outside of the classroom. The CBSE Training Portal offers a professional development course for teachers, as the Central Board of Secondary Education is trying to ensure that students receive an exemplary quality of education.

The various programs on the CBSE Training Portal cover several domains, such as some subject-specific knowledge material and courses, workshops to enhance the quality of education, training sessions, and imparting new methodologies to the teachers so that they can improve the style of their teaching. Some of the features of the CBSE Training Portal are:

  • As the central government announced a few weeks ago, accessing such training facilities available on the CBSE Training Portal is now compulsory for all teaching professionals. According to the mandate released by the government, teaching professionals can easily access the teaching material that will be available on the CBSE Training Portal.
  • The Central Board of Secondary Education has also taken into consideration the financial troubles that an individual can experience. Thus, the board has some incentives for the teachers who are planning to choose the paid section on the CBSE Training Portal.

The board shall provide financial aid to the teachers who want to subscribe to the paid version of the workshops and training available on the CBSE Training Portal.

  • It is compulsory for all teachers and professionals to finish fifty hours of training, as mentioned on the CBSE Training Portal. Here, twenty-five hours of training are provided by private firms hired by the school authorities, and the other twenty-five hours are taken care of by the Central Board of Secondary Education.
  • It is mandatory for teaching professionals to receive the twenty-five hours of special training from the Central Board of Secondary Education. In some instances, the principle can also preside over these sessions.
  • Only the teachers and professionals who are a part of the school, whether it be government or private, and who are under the Central Board of Secondary Education can apply for the training programme.

CBSE Training Portal Login Process

As it is mandatory for all teachers and professionals to get their required training, they first need to register and set up an account on the CBSE Training Portal. The interface is user-friendly, and one will not have a lot of difficulty navigating through the page.

The users can also call the helpline numbers or send a mail to the required administration if they face any major issues with the CBSE Training Portal login and authentication procedure.

The steps that one has to follow to login are given below:

  • The user has to first visit the official website of the CBSE Training Portal. There can be a host of other hoax sites that claim to be the official page for the CBSE Training Portal platform. Hence, users should keep in mind to re-check. The CBSE Training Portal website is https://cbseit.in/cbse/training/.
  • After clicking on the required link, you will be redirected to the official CBSE Training Portal page. This is the home page of the website.
  • Then, the user has to click on the link that states, “Click Here to Register for Online Sessions.”
  • After clicking on that link, the user will be redirected to a new page. This new page will provide teachers and users with two options.

Those who want to access the training workshops and different study materials on the CBSE Training Portal have two options. They can either choose the CBSE training registration 2024-25 CBSE training portal free registration 2024 or the paid version.

  • The two options, or links that a user will get are:
  1. Click here to register for free online classes.
  2. Click here to register for paid online CBP.
  • Depending on the user’s feasibility, they will choose one of the options.
  • After this, a new page will open on the screen, and here, one has to enter all their personal details for further registration.

How to Download the E-Certificate

Just like the registration procedure on the CBSE Training Portal website, the steps to download the e-certificate are quite straightforward and simple.

Teachers need to remember to download their e-certificates, as these may be required at a later stage. The steps to download the e-certificate are:

  • The user first needs to visit the official website of the CBSE Training Portal.
  • After one clicks on the required link to open the training portal, they will see the CBSE Training Portal homepage on their screen.
  • The user needs to select the “Click here to download an e-certificate” link, which will be available on the website.
  • After this, the user will be redirected to the required page. There, the user needs to click on the certificate option of the specific course for which they need to download the e-certificate.
  • The login page shall then open, where the user has to fill in their email ID, password, and the required Captcha code.
  • Right below the page, the users will be able to find an option to log in. They have to click on that button.
  • After the user has logged into their account successfully, they will be able to see the dashboard of their account, with all of their personal details and the option to download the certificate.
  • The user has to click on the download certificate option, after which the certificate will be downloaded and remain on their device.


The CBSE Training Portal is now a mandatory element for all teachers who are teaching in CBSE board schools. Through this portal, teachers are able to provide an enhanced quality of education to the students while also diversifying their own knowledge.

The board and the central government’s decision to implement the CBSE Training Portal have been instrumental in changing the way teaching was visualized for years.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

How can one apply for the training program on the CBSE Training Portal?

Firstly, one needs to fulfill the eligibility criteria to be able to access. They should be teachers in a CBSE school. If they fulfil this criteria, then they only have to visit the official page and follow the required steps to register themselves. The application procedure is quite straightforward and simple.

Can the applicants download their certificates from the portal?

Yes, the applicants can easily download their e-certificates from the CBSE Training Portal. They need to visit their dashboard by filling in all the personal details and then downloading the certificate.

State a few advantages of the CBSE Training Portal.

The CBSE Training Portal is very easy to use and is revolutionising education as teachers are now being given extra training that will help them teach their students better. It is also helping teachers from different parts of the country to interact.

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