BlackCat Becomes Bolder, Demands $2.5 Million as Ransom

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The BlackCat ransomware group has recently garnered a lot of media attention. The most recent one takes the shape of a raised ransom demand from the gang.


Getting Into Specifics

The group has carried out a number of high-profile assaults, including those on Swissport in February and OilTanking GmbH in January. BlackCat most recently targeted Florida International University and North Carolina A&T University.


The ransom demands from the threat actor now start at $2.5 million with a potential reduction.


The victim is often given five to seven days to buy bitcoin on average.

Why it’s important?

The ransomware ecosystem is impacted by the rise in ransom demands, which affect businesses of all sizes across the world. The trend of ransom demands will only increase as the stakes rise. The “hidden economy” of ransomware has grown to be the largest in the world, with financial losses outpacing those caused by natural catastrophes. In addition, BlackCat is one of the RaaS with the quickest rate of growth and engages in quadruple extortion through data theft, DDoS attacks, harassment, and encryption.


An Indexable Database

A searchable database has been made available by the BlackCat ransomware gang so that anybody may locate victims and particular information.

Search engines have indexed the content of the website, which is hosted on the open internet.

Even LockBit and Karakurt have introduced a search feature to their data leak sites, following BlackCat’s lead and letting victims to be searched by their names.


The victims are under extreme pressure to pay the ransom and have their data wiped, which is another step toward a multi-tiered extortion scam.

The Conclusion

BlackCat or ALPHV is quickly developing and using every trick in the book to get its ransom. Organizations can follow the mitigation strategies given by Resecurity to protect themselves against this expanding danger. Applying proactive cybersecurity tactics is the best way to prevent becoming a victim because the rise in ransom demands is a trend that is predicted to last for a very long time.

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