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Birds Name: A Comprehensive List in English in 2024

When one starts imagining the forest, the tranquility of nature, and the peace that a forest brings, one is bound to come up with a Birds Name in their head. The world of nature is intricately linked with that of birds and animals. A bird, due to its ability to fly in the sky, has always been an object of marvel and wonder for humankind.

There are a plethora of birds in the world today, and it can be quite difficult to keep track of all the Birds Name. There can also be confusion for multilingual citizens as the bird name can be different in different languages, like birds name in Hindi and English will be quite different.

A Birds Name in English can have two connotations, though. Birds are known by either their name in English, which all people call colloquially, or by their Latin scientific names. There are several reasons why a Birds Name is the way it is. For instance, an American Robin is named so for its red breast. Thus, this makes it easier for people to relate a bird to a certain characteristic and remember the Birds Name.

As the world moves towards rapid industrialization and globalisation, we are also witnessing the mass destruction of forest and pasture lands. The Birds Name is also closely associated with the place they live. Like the penguins, they live in the cool regions of the Arctic, whereas the pigeon has turned the urban landscape into its habitat.

If the world continues its indiscriminate waste of land and water, it is only a matter of time before these birds lose their homes. Then these Birds Name will surely become extinct, just like several other animals have.

How are Birds Name Chosen?

A pertinent question that arises in everyone’s mind is why birds names are the way they are. There are a few reasons for how and why Birds Names are chosen. Some of them are listed below:


Some Birds Name are derived from the characteristic and unique way that a bird looks. If a certain bird, for instance, has a very distinctive trait that is unique to its species, the Birds Name is determined by keeping that characteristic alive.

The bluebird gets its name due to its distinctive features. As the bluebird is an exquisite-looking bird with its velvety blue feathers, it was only fitting to name it the bluebird.


Some birds also have a distinctive behavioural pattern that cannot be found among other birds. These patterns are unique to their specific clan, and thus they require a special Birds Name to set them apart from other birds.

The cuckoo is named so due to the several tricks it plays by laying hens in other nests, while the chickadee is called so because the shrill sound it makes is very similar to their name.


Birds have been around the same time as human beings. Hence, from the time that humans started writing mythological accounts of stories, Birds Name became common in them. Several of the Birds Name have been derived from such mythological accounts.

For instance, the bird phoenix has derived its name from mythical accounts. Several mythological accounts state that the phoenix stands for rising up from the ashes. Keeping this in mind, the Birds Name has been kept as a phoenix.


Some Birds Name are after the geographical location to which they belong. A bird such as the ostrich, which belongs to Africa, is named after the region it comes from. Penguins have also derived their name from the specific geographical location to which they belong.

Birds Name List A to Z: A Comprehensive List For You to Understand

There are a plethora of birds in the world with their own unique Birds Name. We have tried to list those names in alphabetical order:

Alphabet Bird Name
A Albatross
B Budgeriga, Bunting
C Cormorant, Cockatiel
D Duck, Dove
E Eagle
F Finch, Falcon
G Grosbeak, Goldfinch, Guineafowl
H Hawk, Hen, Hoatzin, Hummingbird
I Ibis
J Jay
K Kingfisher
L Lark
M Magpie, Myna
N Nightingale
O Oriole, Ostrich, Owl
P Parrot, Partridge, Peacock, Penguin, Pigeon
Q Quail
R Raven, Robin, Rooster
S Seagull, Skylark, Sparrow
T Tern, Toucans, Turkey
U Uguisu
V Vulture
W Warbler
X Xantus’s Hummingbird
Y Yellowhammer
Z Zebra Dove

100 Birds Names in English

  1. Hen
  2. Parrot
  3. Swan
  4. Macaw
  5. Crow
  6. Pigeon
  7. Woodpecker
  8. Turkey
  9. Quail
  10. Hummingbird
  11. Kite
  12. Eagle
  13. Peacock
  14. Hornbill
  15. Owl
  16. Parakeet
  17. Crane
  18. Pelican
  19. Finches
  20. Emu
  21. Nightingale
  22. Robin
  23. Goldfinch
  24. Swallow
  25. Toucan
  26. Heron
  27. Pheasant
  28. Canary
  29. Bush Warbler
  30. Starling
  31. Spoonbil
  32. Ospreys
  33. Coot
  34. Cassowary
  35. Lovebird
  36. Conure
  37. Common swift
  38. Mallard
  39. Potoo
  40. Grebe
  41. Arctic tern
  42. Bee-eater
  43. Sandpiper
  44. Albatross
  45. Dodo
  46. Nightjar
  47. Kiwi
  48. Moa
  49. Greater Coucal
  50. Azure dollar
  51. Greater racket-tailed drongo
  52. Gannet
  53. Catbird
  54. Avocet
  55. Thrush
  56. Bluebird
  57. Dunnock
  58. Northern Cardinal
  59. Teal
  60. Northern Shoveler
  61. Roadrunner
  62. Northern pintail
  63. Oriole
  64. Kestrel
  65. Hoatzin
  66. Partridge
  67. Gadwall
  68. Wagtail
  69. Skylark
  70. Tailorbird
  71. Weaverbird
  72. Robin
  73. Yellowhammer
  74. Zebra dove
  75. Cormorant
  76. Albatross
  77. Bunting
  78.  Duck
  79. Ibis
  80. Dipper
  81. Ostrich
  82. Sandgrouse
  83. Titmouse
  84. Oystercatcher
  85. Kestrel
  86. Bulbul
  87. Oriole
  88. Chickadee
  89. Seagull
  90. Loon
  91. Goose
  92. Sparrow
  93. Wren
  94. Condor
  95. Jacana
  96. Lapwing
  97. Nuthatch
  98. Goshawk
  99. Anhinga
  100. Frigatebird

20 Birds’ Name in Hindi

  • Gauraiya: Sparrow
  • Mor: Peacock
  • Garud: Eagle
  • Ullu: Owl
  • Hans: Swan
  • Baaz: Falcon
  • Batack: Duck
  • Garud: Eagle
  • Tota: Parrot
  • Kauwa: Crow
  • Kabutar: Pigeon
  • Bulbul: Nightingale
  • Neelkantha: Bluebird
  • Chamkadar: Bat
  • Maina: Starling
  • Gunjan Pakhi: Hummingbird
  • Baaj: Hawk
  • Bater: Quail
  • Koyal: Cuckoo
  • Saras: Crane

10 Birds Name with Characteristics


It is a small yellow bird that is part of the finch family. This bird is very common in the western and central regions of southern Africa. For a lot of individuals, canaries are very useful pets.

The Birds Name of canaries differ among the different species. These birds are known for their exceptional singing abilities.


This is one of the most common Birds Name. It is a stout bird that is part of the Columbidae family. These birds mostly eat seeds, nuts, and small insects. They also have short necks and small beaks.

Blue Jay

These are exquisite and striking blue birds. They are very interesting, as they can imitate the voice of another bird very perfectly. These birds have an inclination to eat acorns and can often be found in gardens or wooden areas.


One of the most well-known Birds Name, crows are generally found in large numbers in urban and rural areas. These birds travel in packs and are known for the loud noise that they make.


These are tiny and colourful birds, which you will often find in your gardens. They have beautiful feathers, and they feed on nectar from flowers.


These birds can be observed in several kinds of shapes and sizes. These birds make a cheerful chirp and are well-known for their acrobatic fights. You will find a finch in an open garden or any open area.


These are among the most well-known marine birds. One is often able to spot a seagull near a sea or an ocean or sitting on a rock facing a waterfront. They have white and grey feathers. Seagulls are recognised due to their distinctive shrill voice.


These are small and brown birds, which are extremely common in the Indian subcontinent. They are known for their cheerful chirping voice.


This is also a very common Birds Name in the Indian subcontinent. They are often seen in rural and urban landscapes, sitting on buildings and houses. They are recognized by their collective cooing sounds.


These birds are known for their characteristic quacking sounds and have webbed feet. One can always spot a duck in the ponds, rivers, and lakes. Ducks can be seen in several shades of vibrant colour.


These are bright red birds. They are well known for their cheerful whistling sounds.


The Birds Name is very important for us to know today, as they are valuable parts of our ecosystem. They contribute to making our lives colorful and bring joy with their beautiful sounds.

We should try to preserve these birds, as they are as much a part of our environment as humans are!

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