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Bigg Boss 6 Tamil vote results are out

The show with ultimate drama and banter is here, Bigg Boss Tamil 6! Kamal Hassan is hosting the show, and Star Vijay Entertainment management is their TV screen partner. Bigg Boss 6 Tamil began on October 09, 2022. The show shall be shown on screen Mon-Fri at 10:00 PM and Sat-Sun at 9:30 PM. The Bigg Boss 6 Tamil online voting is the cherry on top. Every week, one member of the Bigg boss house gets eliminated. The Bigg boss housemates nominate members to become candidates eligible to seek votes. According to the show rules, each member can nominate 2 housemates who are going to be the nominees for the elimination voting polls.

Once the voting lines are open, the audience, viewers, and fans are asked to vote online for their favorites Bigg Boss Tamil 6 players in the reality show. Anyone who scores the highest votes among the nominees wins title rewards, whereas those who get the least votes from the audience and viewers are subjected to direct elimination. Although the audience cast their votes and it seems that the steering wheel of the show is in their hands, in reality, Star Vijay channel has the ultimate decision-making power in these matters.

Who are the members who participated in Bigg Boss 6 Tamil?

Most of the contestants are already existing personalities on screen. They are either actors, models, or somehow interlinked with industry.

  1. Aysha Zeenath Beevi
  2. Nivaa
  3. Manisha Yadav
  4. GP Muthu
  5. Dhanalakshmi
  6. Asal Kolaar
  7. Sheriina Sam
  8. Janany
  9. Mohammed Azeem
  10. VJ Kathirravan
  11. Vikraman
  12. VJ Maheshwari
  13. Ram Ramasamy
  14. Shivin Ganesan
  15. Dinesh Kanagaratnam
  16. Amudhavanan
  17. Rachitha Mahalaxmi
  18. Robert Master
  19. Shanthi Master
  20. Queency Stanly

How to cast vote for the nominees in Bigg Boss 6 Tamil?

The voting process for Bigg Boss 6 Tamil is online. Viewer either gets to cast their vote for their favorite nominees either by an online voting poll, a missed call vote service or through Disney plus Hotstar App.

How to vote for the candidates for Bigg Boss 6 Tamil via the Hotstart app

  1. Open the Disney plus Hotstart app. (
  2. Search and tap on the Bigg Boss 6 Tamil show icon.
  3. Click on ‘Vote now’.
  4. Click on the Vote button next to the contestants’ names and pictures.
  5. Click on ‘done’, and your votes will be submitted.

Online voting via browsing the website:

  1. Open any web browser.
  2. Type “Bigg boss 6 Tamil online voting”
  3. Click on the URL:
  4. Click on the button ‘vote’ under the pictures of the contestants.
  5. After that confirm and click ‘done’.

It is also notified that; only online voting polls and Hotstar App will be the means for the viewers to cast their votes for this season of Bigg Boss 6 Tamil. Mobile call services are not yet available to cast votes, as no numbers are announced yet. And possibly, this option won’t be available for the entire season.

Name of the Bigg Boss Tamil 6 housemates who are nominated for the polls in the 14th week:

  1. Azeem 61.96% (12,275 votes)
  2. Vikraman 15.12% (2,996 votes)
  3. Shivin 7.23% (1,432 votes)
  4. Nandhini 5.99% (1,186 votes)
  5. Kathirravan 5.38% (1,066 votes)
  6. Adk 4.32% (855 votes)

Azeem seem to lead the scoreboard with the highest number of votes, while Adk had to be eliminated considering he received the least number of votes.

The nominees of the previous list and the evicted candidate:

13th week of Bigg Boss 6 Tamil nominees were Adk, Amudhavanan, Kathirravan, Nandhini, Rachitha(Evicted), Shivin, and Vikraman.

12th week of Bigg Boss 6 Tamil nominees were Adk, Azeem, Amudhavanan, Kathirravan, Manikandan (Evicted), Nandhini, Shivin, and Vikraman.

11th week of Bigg Boss 6 Tamil nominees were Azeem, Dhanalakshmi(Evicted), Kathirravan, Nandhini, Rachitha, Shivin, and Vikraman.

10th week of Bigg Boss 6 Tamil nominees were ADK, Azeem, Manikandan (Evicted), Rachitha, Vikraman, and Janany.

9th week of Bigg Boss 6 Tamil nominees were ADK, Ayesha (Evicted), Azeem, Janany, Kathirravan, and Ram (Evicted).

8th week of Bigg Boss 6 Tamil nominees were Kathirravan, Queency(Evicted), Rachitha, Dhanalakshmi, Janany, and Nandhini.

7th week of Bigg Boss 6 Tamil nominees were Amudhavanan, Azeem, Dhanalakshmi, Kathirravan, Manikandan, Ram, and Robert (Evicted).

6th week of Bigg Boss 6 Tamil nominees were Ayesha, Azeem, Dhanalakshmi, Janany, Kathirravan, Nivaashiyni (Evicted), Queency, and Robert.

5th week of Bigg Boss 6 Tamil nominees were Ayesha, Azeem, Dhanalakshmi, Dinesh, Maheshwari (Evicted), Ram, and Vikraman.

4th week of Bigg Boss 6 Tamil nominees were Ayesha who quit her contestation and walked out, Azeem, Kathirravan,  Sheriina(Evicted), and Vikraman.

3rd week of Bigg Boss 6 Tamil nominees were Asal Kolaar (Evicted), Ayesha, Azeem, Dinesh, Janany, Maheshwari, and Rachitha.

2nd week of Bigg Boss 6 Tamil nominees were Ayesha, Azeem, Dhanalakshmi, Maheshwari, Nivaashiyni, Queency, Rachitha, Shanthi (Evicted), Sheriina, Shivin, Ram, and Vikraman.

In 1st week of Bigg Boss 6 Tamil there were no evictions.

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