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Beware of Customer Complaint Email Scam

Let’s say you’re working hard to meet the needs of your consumers, but you hear the dreaded words “let me speak to your boss” or “corporate will hear about this.” Isn’t it jarring? Scammers have been attempting to capitalize on this concern in recent days.

Concerning the scam

Fake corporate complaints are on the rise, according to Sophos, and targeted attacks are being used to spread malware. The emails are written in the form of complaints from your supervisor or coworkers, and they contain fear-inducing language. The scammers expect that the victims will act instinctively and open the harmful attachment in the emails. While the attackers’ initial few emails were clumsy, they rapidly improved.

Phishing: How to Spot It

Scammers use email or SMS messages to deceive you into providing personal information. They could attempt to obtain your passwords, account information, or Social Security numbers. They may be able to access your email, bank account, or other accounts if they have such information. Every day, scammers conduct tens of thousands of phishing assaults, many of which are successful. People lost $57 million to phishing attempts in one year, according to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center.

It is well known that scammers always change their technique of scamming emails. But along with that, there are also some indications that always help you to recognize phishing emails or text messages. These phishing emails appear in your mail in the form that it is coming from a trust. It may be in the form of bank instructions, credit card details, a receipt of an online payment website or application, or whatever is important for your daily transactions. Emails and text messages posing as legitimate businesses are common.

In order to deceive you into clicking on a link or opening a file, phishing emails and SMS messages frequently create a story. They might claim your personal information in the following ways

  1. To resolve the issue with your account or payment information, the emails need to access the personal information of the receiver.
  2. They include fake invoices to make a payment for a recent purchase.
  3. They can also claim that the receiver is eligible to register for a government refund.
  4. They provide a freebie coupon code.

Why is this significant?

Spear-phishing is a way of moderate-level cybercrime that any receiver including those who are outsourced will find serious. These emails are highly successful in creating the junior employees who are often under time restrictions and are more tends to get harassed by any hostile callers.

Some of the most recent scams

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the United States has issued a warning to investors about a scam in which criminals pose as SEC officials in order to defraud investors. Scammers send emails, letters, voicemails, and phone calls to potential investors.

After a brief break, RedCurl, a corporate espionage threat actor, has reappeared with new weapons. It has already hacked into four businesses this year, two of which are based in Russia.

More than 125 TikTok influencers were drawn into a scam in which they received emails warning them that their accounts may be terminated owing to copyright breaches or that they might be eligible for a verification badge if they followed the instructions.

What Are The Ways That You Can Protect Yourself From Phishing Scam?

There are email spam filters that are into action when there are phishing emails. In spite of it, scammers put constant effort to beat the spam filters. So in these cases, extra levels of protection are a good option. There are four steps that might bring safeguard you from phishing scams. These are

  1. Any security software is to be used to safeguard the PC. The software is set to update so that it responds to any new security risks.
  2. The software is to set in your phone to keep the device safe. These are regarded as crucial updates.
  3. There should be the use of multifactor authentication so as to give protection to your accounts.
  4. There must be a security key or a passcode that is achievable through authentication software.


Phishing assaults and scams have advanced significantly in recent years, making remaining safe more difficult than ever. Experts encourage consumers to never feel intimidated or compelled to respond quickly, as this is exactly what hackers want. Furthermore, while communicating with employees, it is always recommended to use official channels.





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