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A backdoor is a tool that has the ability to gain access to a machine remotely.

Generally backdoor utilities such as NetCat have two main functions:

  • to pipe remote input into cmd or bash
  • output the response.

This makes this tool useful. But the drawback is that it is limited. BetterBackdoor overcomes this limitations by including the ability to inject keystrokes , get screenshots, transfer files, and other such tasks.

Features: –

BetterBackdoor can create and control a backdoor.

This created backdoor can:

  • Open a command prompt shell
  • Run PowerShell scripts
  • Run DuckyScripts to inject keystrokes
  • Exfiltrate files based on extension
  • Exfiltrate Microsoft Edge and WiFi passwords
  • Send and receive files to and from victim’s computer
  • Start a KeyLogger
  • Get a screenshot of victim’s computer
  • Get text copied to victim’s clipboard
  • Get contents from a victim’s file (cat)
  • Compress a directory to a ZIP file
  • Decompress a ZIP file

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