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Best tips and tricks you need to know to win Fortnite solo

Solos are the players who do not have any other squad members and thus must fight it alone. It is the basis for all the game modes in Fortnite Battle Royale. It uses the standard set of rules which means there are only 100 players who compete to get their hands on the Victory Royale. Well, all the solo players are on their own and there is no one to watch their back, Your survival is completely on you. You can buy a Fortnite account at affordable prices on the website:

So, the solos are you ready to win and make yourself stand out in the best fortnite battle royale? Let’s now have a look at the fortnite tips and tricks that one needs to know to know how to win fortnite . The following fortnite tips must be kept in mind by the players to win fortnite.

How to select the solo mode in Fortnite:

This is one of the first steps that one must know to know about how to win fortnite.

  • You can select the solo mode from the Mode selection screen
  • Just click on the Mode Selection button which is there at the top of the Play button on the menu. You will now enter into Solo mode.

Fortnite tips and tricks: How to win fortnite solo:

Up your fortnite gaming skills and know how to get better at fortnite and how to win fortnite solo by following these fortnite tips:

· Always have recovery items in hand and prioritize your survival:

This is one of the important fortnite tips to know how to win at fortnite. Recovery items are important to have your back during and after battles. Have a shield potion ready or a slurpy juice to help in easy healing and shields with a short consuming time.

Survival is the most important and always think whether it is worth risking your survival before you run for loot or enemies. Do not rush into unnecessary fights as it is easy to lose in fortnite.

· A balanced loadout and keep weapons in every range:

Never fill the inventory with the same items and have at least 3 slots for weapons and 2 for recovery items. It is also advisable to fill the last slot with either a throwable or any other recovery item. Always prioritize the weapons that are effective at any point in time and try to have a weapon for every range of your game and do not have the disadvantage of having weapons for a certain range.

· Where to land:

The solo players must know where to land and you must be aware of the safe spots so that your survival does not get in the way of your winning.

· Try to escape the enemies:

Another important point to keep in mind for solo players to know how to win fortnite is knowing where to land. If you feel like losing a fight then in that case you can use items like Bouncers and Jump pads that will help you get out of the tight spots and we can even go down high points for an escape without causing damage to the structures.

·Building Materials:

This is another trick that solo players must keep in mind to know how to win fortnite. The most common material and easiest to build in Fortnite is wood, metal, and stone and

are more resilient than wood but it does take longer to build and hence it is not advisable to build when the enemies are close.

Wood is easily available around the area and you can also chop down the trees. But you must know that wood is fragile, and can easily be torn down by enemies but gathering materials will help you to secure your defense also try to collect enough building materials, and just like metal and brick, wood will be needed to fortify the defenses.

·Learn to plant traps:

Traps can be used to catch enemies and get a kill. Traps are the easiest way to kill enemies even if they are not as flashy guns. To make a trap go inside a building, make a trap above your ceiling and wait and watch your enemy getting destroyed!

· Take Advantage of the storm:

Always have enough time so that you can keep an eye on the storm. The storm is as big as the enemy and as other players but sometimes it also proves to be a lifesaver when you are advancing to the next location.

To avoid enemy attention, use the chance to travel along the outskirts during the storm in the middle of the game. Use the storm to kill enemies and you can also kill enemies by blocking their way with structures as they run from the storm.

·Haunted Hills:

Fortnite New Battle Royale has come with an update of new map locations and it has haunted hills that are not crowded as compared to the older map locations. Do try to get to the Mausoleum and search for hidden chests and if you are lucky to find and get the sniper rifle, the main building has a that overlooks the area which is a good location to kill the enemies.

·Audio clues:

This is another trick to remember to know how to win fortnite. Listening to audio clues is important as there is no one to assist or guide you. So playing solo requires you always, to keep a good ear to gunshots and footsteps that will be made by the enemies. Once you hear an enemy coming close, change your location by hiding and avoiding unnecessary movement.

· Wailing Wood Northeast Tower:

This is the last place for the solo players to land. It has a large tower that overlooks the water around the area and also the tower has one of the best places for finding loot and finding chests.

· Vehicles are the last resort and are opportunistic:

Using a lot of vehicles gives out a lot of attention to you and your location can also be given out to the enemies. When you see two people fighting leave them alone until one is going to survive.

Once the enemy is at his weak point kill him so that you can win against a wounded enemy.

· Shoot the head:

Just the way you kill the zombies, the brain is the first and best way to kill the enemy fast. Avoid wasting your bullets and wait for the right time to pull the trigger.


Winning Fortnite Solo is as easy as when you play with a squad and these fortnite tips would help you to know to get better at fortnite easily. Hope this helped you In providing the necessary information in orde to know how to win fortnite.

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