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Best Scary Roblox Games of 2024: Choose Your Game Now!

Hi Readers! Roblox has become a haven for gaming enthusiasts worldwide, offering a vast array of experiences for players of all ages. Scary games have gained significant popularity within the Roblox platform, providing thrilling adventures and spine-chilling moments. In this article, we will explore the best scary Roblox games of 2023, highlighting the most captivating and frightful experiences that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Overview of Roblox Games

Roblox is an online platform where users can create and play games developed by other community members. With millions of active players, Roblox offers various games across various genres, including adventure, simulation, role-playing, and horror. The platform’s flexibility and user-generated content have led to the emergence of countless immersive and innovative experiences.

The Popularity of Scary Games

Scary games on Roblox have garnered immense popularity due to their ability to evoke fear and provide thrilling experiences. These games often incorporate atmospheric environments, jump scares, and captivating narratives that engage players and keep them returning for more. Whether you enjoy the adrenaline rush or seek to test your bravery, Scary games on Roblox offer an unparalleled virtual journey into fear.

Criteria for the Best Scary Roblox Games

Several criteria helps to determine the best scary Roblox games of 2023. These criteria include gameplay mechanics, immersive storytelling, visual design, sound effects, overall atmosphere, and positive player feedback. Each game on this list has excelled in these aspects, ensuring a spine-chilling and unforgettable experience.

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10 Top Scary Roblox Games of 2023

Certainly! Here are some popular and best roblox horror games that you might enjoy:


In this game, you must navigate various maps while avoiding a killer pig and solving puzzles to escape.

Piggy is a popular horror game on Roblox released in 2020 by MiniToon. The game is inspired by other horror games such as Granny and Peppa Pig. The game’s goal is to escape from different maps by finding and using items while avoiding being caught by Piggy, an evil anthropomorphic animal. It has various modes, such as Bot, Player, Infection, and Traitor, that change the gameplay and add more challenges. Has a story mode that reveals the secrets behind the infection that turned animals into monsters. Therefore, Piggy is one of the most successful games on Roblox, winning several awards and having millions of players.

Dead Silence

Inspired by the horror movie of the same name, this game takes you through a haunted house where you must uncover the secrets and survive.

Dead Silence is a horror game based on the 2007 film of the same name, where a ventriloquist named Mary Shaw was killed by an angry mob and returned as a vengeful ghost with her collection of dolls. The scariest game on roblox puts you in the role of an investigator who has to explore the haunted town of Ravens Fair and uncover the truth behind Mary Shaw’s curse. The game features realistic graphics, eerie sounds, and jump scares to keep you on edge. You will have to use your flashlight, camera, and other tools to survive the horrors of Dead Silence.

Identity Fraud

Set in a dark maze, you need to solve puzzles and escape while being pursued by a mysterious creature.

Roblox Identity Fraud is a game that belongs to the horror genre. It was created by Team M0THERB0ARD in 2016 and has been revamped since then. The game challenges players to escape from different mazes while avoiding monsters that can kill them. It also has some secrets and a final boss to face. It is a horror game because it creates a sense of fear, suspense, and paranoia in the players. The Identity Fraud game uses sound effects, dark environments, jump scares, and psychological tricks to make the players feel uneasy and terrified. It has a mysterious story that involves fraud, deception, and identity theft.

The Rake: Classic Edition

Based on the urban legend of “The Rake,” this game requires you to survive encounters with a creature while exploring an abandoned mansion.

The Rake: Classic Edition is a horror game on Roblox that was created by RVVZ in 2018 after his original gameplay, The Rake Beta, was deleted for being too violent and gory. The game is based on the creepypasta character of The Rake. It is a grey humanoid creature that stalks and kills people in the woods at night. The game has several modes, locations, items, and features that make it challenging and immersive for players who want to survive The Rake’s attacks or hunt it down. The Rake was remastered in 2022 with improved graphics, animations, sounds, and AI for The Rake. The game is one of Roblox’s most popular and scary horror games, with over 1.2 million visits and 150 favorites as of May 2023.

Stop it, Slender!

A multiplayer game where players take on the role of either survivors or Slenderman. In this scariest Roblox game, survivors must collect pages while avoiding Slenderman’s pursuit.

Stop it, Slender! is one of the horror games on roblox that is based on the legend of Slender Man, a mysterious and terrifying creature that stalks and kills people. The game is inspired by other games like Slender: The Eight Pages and Garry’s Mod’s game mode, Stop it, Slender! It has two modes: Eight Pages and Blackout. The players must find and collect eight pages hidden around the map while avoiding Slender Man and his proxy.

In Blackout, the players have to activate three generators to restore power, while Slender Man becomes more potent as time goes by. The game is a co-op competitive game, where one player is randomly chosen to be Slender Man, and the others are citizens. It is very scary because Slender Man can appear anywhere and cause damage to the players’ health by looking at or touching him. It has a dark and creepy atmosphere, with sound effects and music that add to the tension.


Geisha is a horror game developed by Serati Studios and released on Roblox in 2021. The game is inspired by the urban legend of Teke-Teke, a Japanese schoolgirl who became a vengeful spirit after being cut in half by a train. The game has two chapters, each with different locations, puzzles, and enemies. The player has to explore the haunted village of Okayama, find their missing family, and escape from the terrifying creatures that lurk in the shadows. Geisha is a game that will test your nerves and your survival skills as you face the horrors of Japanese folklore.

Flee the Facility

Flee the Facility is a horror game that puts you in a life-or-death situation. You can either play as a survivor who has to hack computers and escape from a facility or as a beast who has to capture and freeze the survivors in pods. These Roblox horror games are inspired by Dead by Daylight, a popular horror game with similar mechanics.

It is horror because it creates a sense of fear, suspense, and tension for both the survivors and the beast. The survivors must avoid being detected by the beast, who can hear their footsteps and see their hacking progress. They also have to work together to rescue each other from the pods or risk losing the game. The beast has to hunt down the survivors before they escape and use their hammer to knock them out and drag them to the pods. The game also features dark and eerie environments, such as abandoned labs, warehouses, and forests.

Flee the Facility is a game that tests your skills, strategy, and teamwork. It also challenges your courage and nerve as you face a terrifying enemy or a desperate situation. You might want to try Flee the Facility if you enjoy horror games that make your heart race and your adrenaline pump.

Zombie Attack

Zombie Attack is a term that refers to a hypothetical scenario in which the dead come back to life and attack the living. There are many possible causes for a zombie attack, such as a virus, a parasite, a chemical agent, or a supernatural force. S

The game have been a popular theme in fiction, especially in horror movies, books, and video games. Some of the most famous examples are Night of the Living Dead, The Walking Dead, Resident Evil, and World War Z. Zombie attacks can also be used as a metaphor for social issues, such as consumerism, racism, or environmental degradation.

Survive the Killer 

Survive the Killer is a popular online game where players have to escape from a masked murderer who is hunting them down. The game has two modes: survivor and killer. In survivor mode, players have to find keys, unlock doors, and avoid traps while running away from the killer. In killer mode, players have to chase and kill the survivors before they escape. The game features various maps, weapons, and cosmetics for both modes. Survive the Killer is a thrilling and suspenseful game that tests the players’ skills and nerves.

The Mimic

The Mimic is a horror game that relies on psychological terror and stealth mechanics to create a tense and immersive experience. The game is set in an abandoned school where a dark entity known as the Mimic lurks. The Mimic can take the form of any sound or object it hears, making it hard to distinguish between reality and illusion. The player must use their flashlight and audio recorder to navigate the school and uncover its secrets while avoiding the Mimic’s deadly traps and attacks. The game challenges the player’s perception, memory, and sanity, as they never know what is real and what is not. The Mimic is a horror game that will make you question everything you see and hear.


In conclusion, scary Roblox Games 2024 will keep you on the edge of your seat. The game features a variety of horror genres, such as zombies, ghosts, clowns, and more. You can explore different maps, collect items, and fight for survival. The game also has a multiplayer mode, where you can team up with your friends or compete against other players. Roblox horror games will challenge your nerves and test your skills. If you are looking for a thrilling and immersive experience, you should try it today!

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