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Another T-Mobile cyberattack reportedly exposed customer info and SIMs

T-Mobile has been hit by yet another cyberattack, following a large data leak in August. According to papers revealed by The TMo Report, attackers gained access to “a tiny number” of users’ accounts this time. Customers were either victim of a SIM switching attack (which might let someone bypass SMS-based two-factor authentication), had personal plan information leaked, or both, according to the report.

Customers’ billing account name, phone and account number, and information about their plan, including how many lines were tied to their account, were among the customer proprietary network information that was examined, according to the document.

The airline announced this summer that a data breach exposed about 50 million customers’ personal information, with the attacker gaining access to social security numbers, names, and dates of birth.

(An alleged hacker went on to describe the company’s security methods as “terrible.”)

The data allegedly exposed in the December breach is less sensitive (and the documents state that customers who had their SIMs swapped have regained access), and it is likely not as extensive.

We couldn’t discover many instances from customers claiming to have received notification letters.

Tsupport Mobile’s account appears to have verified the breach, responding to people on Twitter to claim it’s taking “urgent action” to assist anybody who were harmed by the attack.

The corporation did not respond to The Verge’s request for comment right away.

The damage appears to be far less severe this time around, according to records supplied by The T-Mo Report.

Only a small percentage of clients appear to be affected.The documents just state that some information was released, according to the article, but there is no further information regarding what transpired.

Customers that have been impacted fall into one of three categories.

To begin with, a customer may have merely been impacted by a breach of confidential network information (CPNI).

“That’s not great,” the report says, “but it’s a lot less of an impact than the August breach, which exposed customer social security numbers.”The second type of customers who have been affected is those who have had their SIMs switched.

In order to get control of a phone number, a hostile actor will alter the physical SIM card connected with the number.

This can, and frequently does, result in the victim’s other online accounts being accessed with two-factor authentication codes supplied to their phone number.

Customers who were affected by the SIM switch had their actions reversed, according to the paper.

The third and final category is just a combination of the first two.

Affected customers’ private CPNI, as well as their SIM card swap, could have been viewed.








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