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An Ultimate Guide to Apple GPT

Apple GPT, an AI chatbot that has been speculated about for a long time, may one day be available on all Apple products. Apple GPT is currently a prototype being developed internally until issues with the engineering team and user privacy are ironed out. If Apple GPT is published in any form next year, this page will explain what it is and what features you may expect.

History of Apple GPT

Machine learning and AI have been gradually integrated into more and more Apple products and functions, including Siri, Apple Maps, search, and even the mixed-reality headset Vision Pro. Yet, Apple has never offered a chatbot as a front-facing tool for its customers. The breakthrough is the result of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which paved the way for other generative AI programmes like as Bing Chat and Google Bard.

Apple is well-known for building anticipation for their launches by artificially inflating their interest level. While it avoided the hubbub of ChatGPT, news came of rapid advances in AI. Bloomberg reported that the Cupertino giant is working on a generative artificial intelligence chatbot codenamed “Apple GPT” (for want of a better name), though it has not yet chosen how to make it available to the general public. Apple, meanwhile, has been less than generous with information.

Several hints have surfaced, allowing us to speculate about what Apple GPT would include and whether or not it will join our current arsenal of generative AI tools.

What is Apple GPT?

It is anticipated that Apple GPT would function similarly to the ChatGPT chatbot in that it will carry out a variety of functions in response to your textual commands. Since so little has been revealed about the forthcoming chatbot, we can’t say for sure if Apple GPT will be its official name. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple is hard at work on an artificial intelligence tool internally codenamed “Apple GPT.”

According to the research, the infrastructure necessary to develop what the business has called Ajax-scale language models (LLM) already exists. A chatbot app would be a natural progression for Apple to take as they begin to increase their use of artificial intelligence. Apple GPT aims to provide Apple customers a strong tool for information and text production with easy instructions, following in the footsteps of Google Bard and Microsoft Copilot.

Apple GPT: Timeline for Expected Release

It is anticipated that Apple’s GPT would debut in the first half of 2024.

Apple GPT stands for “Apple Generative Pre-trained Transformer” and is the codename for a brand new and innovative initiative being developed by Apple. Apple is working on an AI project that might one day rival OpenAI’s popular ChatGPT and other similarly popular AI tools and chatbots.

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg reports that Apple has been busy with artificial intelligence initiatives for a while now. Still, Apple has not revealed its plans for commercialising Apple GPT to consumers. From what we’ve heard, Apple’s AI chatbots and Apple GPT won’t be available until 2019. Apple GPT is expected to be released in 2024 if the company decides to release it.

What Should We Expect from Apple’s GPT?

According to Gurman, Apple is now only using the technology for product development and to provide staff unique access to the internal chatbot. The results of Apple’s GPT can’t be used as-is to add functionalities to existing products.

Apple GPT’s “Ajax” framework is its beating heart; it was developed with huge language models like ChatGPT, Bing, and Bard in mind.

Apple developed this system using the Google Cloud platform and the Google Jax machine learning framework. Despite Apple’s exploration of OpenAI’s technology for enterprise teams, the company ultimately decided not to enter into a contract.

Apple has taken a conservative approach to developing AI, prioritising user privacy above features. Apple has taken a lot of heat for being technologically behind the curve, even with its personal assistant Siri.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has stated that the field of artificial intelligence (AI) still has certain problems that need fixing, and that developers should take their time. With each new software release, Apple has added machine learning-based functionality to its devices. Improvements to features like Visual Lookup and picture recognition were also included in iOS 17.

The community’s reaction has been mixed, with some waiting for Siri enhancements before diving into Apple GPT. Siri is already a fantastic tool because to how well it works within Apple’s environment, but many users are anticipating major updates.

Some people are interested in the possibility of Siri becoming an Apple GPT, which would combine the voice assistant’s capabilities with those of generative AI. The hope that Apple’s GPT will help Siri perform better is received with excitement.

While Apple has revealed and shown AI enhancements at WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference), some consumers are sceptical and impatient.

User: “Apple should stop trying to be the leader in generative AI and instead focus on refining existing technologies.” The business has proven itself adept at enhancing preexisting technology through cutting-edge User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX), design, and marketing.

How Good is Apple GPT?

Since Apple GPT is still under development and is not yet available to the general market, it is difficult to judge how effective it will be in comparison to Apple’s other products.

We are aware that only a limited few Apple employees who have been granted special clearance are presently making use of the chatbot. And several of the workers who have used the chatbot have commented that it does not provide anything particularly different from ChatGPT, Bard, or any of the other generative AI technologies that are available.

However, it should be highlighted that its output is not currently being utilised to generate new consumer product features; instead, according to reports, it is being used mostly for product prototyping. This is an important distinction to make.

However, as is well knowledge, Apple does not rush into the market with a new product unless it is certain that it will deliver an improved experience. Therefore, it is reasonable to predict that when Apple GPT is ultimately introduced, it will be a formidable rival to the major AI chatbots and will have a distinct advantage over them.

Challenges Facing Apple GPT

Since Apple GPT is a late entry to the AI chatbot arena, it will face some particularly difficult difficulties. The following is a selection of the difficulties that they will need to overcome.

  • Competition

As has been said, the artificial intelligence chatbot market is flourishing, and ChatGPT is the current reigning champion in this space. In order to convince customers to switch from the AI chatbots that they have already grown accustomed to using, Apple GPT will need to do something particularly compelling in order to win them over.

This video will demonstrate how far ChatGPT has come and how it is revolutionising businesses all over the world:

  • Protecting the Personal Information of Users

Since Apple is well-known for its commitment to protecting the privacy of its customers, the fact that current chatbots raise privacy issues presents a significant challenge for the company.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, is well aware of the privacy risks that are associated with artificial intelligence (AI). During an earnings call in May, Cook insisted that “it’s very important to be deliberate and thoughtful” in the space and that “there’s a number of issues that need to be sorted” before Apple could feel confident enough to release something like an AI chatbot.

Because of these issues, Apple’s distribution of a GPT might be pushed back, or the company could decide not to distribute a GPT to the general public.


With the 2018 hiring of John Giannandrea (formerly of Google) to lead the Apple AI and machine learning teams, Apple has also been taking strides to get the finest in AI into the firm.

Could AppleGPT thus be the company’s future? It’s possible, and if so, it’d be a fantastic development in the field of generative artificial intelligence.

Let’s hold off judgement till Apple announces their next product in 2024.

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