AMC Movie shakes their hand with Zoom to bring Theatre to your “Room”

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In the pandemic situation, audiences turned away from the theatre. Even in the movie theatre, there are so many restrictions. Audiences like to enjoy any movie from their home. Now they are very much prone to watch web series on various OTT platforms.

Collaboration of Theatres with Modern Technology:

Then, what is the future of the existing movie theatre chains globally?

Will it be totally off? Next-generation people cannot feel how a movie hall would be.

So, by applying modern technology AMC theatres collaborate with Zoom and made their product called “Zoom Room” for watching movies from any corner of the world. It can solve both problems.

It is the first initiation taken by the AMC theatres to bring the revolution in the world of entertainment. Bring the movie theatres under the “Zoom Room” is the ongoing testing process. For that, so many Zoom Test meeting was held to check the performance and revised this with the new features. The users who use the Zoom app for laptop are able to try the taste of this new technological entertainment collab.

The biggest theatre chain in the US, AMC Theatres, and Zoom Video Communications have announced an inventive partnership that will transform select AMC movies throughout the nation into enormous videoconferencing “Zoom Rooms” to watch the movies.

The partnership between AMC theatres and Zoom to transform select movie theatres into sizable meeting spaces was unveiled on Monday. They want to introduce “Zoom Rooms” to AMC theatres in as many as 17 US locations beginning sometime in 2023.

Adam Aron, Chairman and CEO of AMC Theatres said in a statement, “Through this partnership of Zoom and AMC movie, we have the best of both worlds — the spectacular communications platform of Zoom combined with the comfort, size, scale, and state-of-the-art sight and sound capabilities of AMC’s centrally located theatres. This creates an all-new product in major cities across the US for companies and meeting planners”.

How will be the “Zoom Room”?

AMC’s Zoom test meeting users will be able to make quick online bookings and select the theatre and time that work best for them. An official report states that they would be granted a three-hour window of time. So that it will virtually hold its event in the selected theatres in various markets.

Additionally, AMC and Zoom will supply the required hardware so that Zoom Rooms users may have a fully functioning experience simultaneously in a number of movie theatres across several cities.

The research also stated that normal auditorium sizes are anticipated to fall between 75 and 150 seats, depending on the theatre. When Zoom Rooms launches, you’ll be able to schedule three-hour meeting timeslots. Every group may watch a movie in the theatre and enjoy food and beverages for an extra cost. Even potential movie viewings, and concierge-style personalized handling of meeting demands for an additional fee.

What would be the scenario?

It’s weird to imagine a single individual on a Zoom call while alone in a movie theatre, but that’s not what’s happening here. With the use of this technology, it should be possible for teams situated in various cities to interact. For instance, a team from New York may convene at one theatre to catch up with a team from Los Angeles at a separate theatre. However, it is still unclear how, in a theatre full of people, you can truly discern who is speaking. Putting movie theatre popcorn aside, organizing a conference in this manner sounds like a technological challenge. Perhaps working from home and sending your staff non-perishable popcorn bags is a better solution.

What does Adam Aron state in the context of the collaboration with Zoom?

In a press release, Adam Aron, Chairman and CEO of AMC Theatres, said, “AMC movie has an abundance of attractive theatres at centrally located venues in the city after city after city, each with ample seating capacity, especially so during daytime hours on weekdays when most meetings take place”.

Aron added, “Our state-of-the-art sight and sound technology are widely renowned and has made gathering in movie theatres one of the most popular out-of-home entertainment options in the US. Zoom Rooms at AMC broadens our scope, as we can also participate in the multi-billion market for corporate and other meetings”.

The business could require it. In its Q3 earnings call on Tuesday, AMC noted rising attendance and better revenue compared to this time last year, but it also disclosed another quarterly loss, this one totalling $226.9 million.


AMC struggled during the pandemic because a once-in-a-lifetime tragedy rendered its main business irrelevant. However, despite the increased use of vaccinations, audiences aren’t visiting the theatres as frequently as the studio expected. AMC movie nonetheless reported a quarterly loss this week, despite an increase in quarterly sales. While its remarkable expansion slows, Zoom is attempting to enlarge its reach by integrating tools like email and calendar.

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