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All about Descarger Minecraft 1.17 Para Android APK: Minecraft -1.17.10 (Bedrock)

All the game lovers assemble! There is good news for all the Minecraft 1.17.10 lovers. Still spending time playing the older version of Minecraft 1.17.10. Then let me tell you,  Your most beloved video game has been updated with a huge amount of new updates and you can enjoy your Minecraft 1.7.10 time even more enjoyably and happily. (Xanax) What are you waiting for? switch to the latest version now! Read the article to know more about Minecraft 1.17.10.

minecraft 1.17 descargar apk:

The team at Minecraft 1.17.10 has been working to give its users the best gaming experience. The team also has been working hard on the game ever since the release of Caves and Cliffs Part I. There have also been some new features that have been introduced which are some fun additions as well as features from Caves and Cliffs: Part II  as a part of the experimental gameplay.

If you want to look for bugs then you can find them at and you can also give your valuable feedback at

minecraft 1.17.10 apk mediafıre:

The Minecraft 1.17.10 game lovers are eagerly waiting to know what new features have been updated. Then, brace yourselves because now you will read about the most happening features that Minecraft 1.17.10 has got for you.

Potted Azeleas:

You can see that Minecraft 1.17.10 has added potted azalea and Blooming Azalea variants.

All you got to do is just put azalea in a pot.

Experimental Gameplay:

The minecraft 1.17.10 apk mediafıre para android has got the experimental gameplay features that are taken from the Caves and Cliffs: Part II and the update is available and you can also enable it on the world creation screen.

Players, please note that these features are in progress and are subject to change. In the event of turning this feature on, your world could crash, break, or not work with future updates. Experimental features cannot be disabled after world creation.

For more information, you can check out the article on how to enable experimental features at

  • New Ore distribution
  • Goat horn
  • Loitering sensor
  • World height now goes up to 320 blocks and goes down to 64 blocks
  • New Cave biomes including lush caves and trickle caves
  • New surface biomes include Snow Capped peaks, Mountain Grove, Lofty peaks, Snowy slopes, and Mountain Meadow.
  • The revamped cave generation adds cheese caves, lava aquifers, spaghetti caves, and flooded aquifer caves.


  • Minecraft 1.17.10 has now sails and is available.
  • The candles can be made with a honeycomb and rope.
  • It can be placed in groups of up to four and light with Flint and steel.
  • Put a candle on a cake and close your eyes and make a wish!
  • You can also combine it with dye on a craft grid and make different colored candles.

Realms World Slots:

  • There are three world charge slots which each realm has now got.
  • One world can be active at a time and the Kingdom owners can switch to the active world of the Kingdom between the three world slots.



A crash was fixed that could occur if a structure with a command was placed in an unloaded area and that structure was removed.


  • Empty buckets will be no longer in use to collect fish.
  • The hitbox on Axolotls has now become smaller to match the size of the mob
  • Axolotls can no longer wag their tails while playing dead (MCPE-123309)
  • Axolotls are now spawned in complete darkness to prevent them from spawning in unwanted places
  • When feeding a bucket of tropical fish to axolotls now returns with a bucket of water instead of an empty bucket. (MCPE-127382)
  • Skeletons turn into Vagrants after 20 seconds in Powdered snow and are reduced to 45 seconds.
  • Flaming mobs no longer have the power to destroy powder snow when the Mob Griefing World option is disabled  (MCPE-221842)
  • Drifter no longer drop Wither Skeleton skulls when they are killed by Charged Creepers(MCPE-35876)
  • Guardians, Drowned and Elder Guardians now attack Axolotls on sight
  • Tempted goats now move at the same speed as Java Edition and other similar mobs are being tempted(MCPE-123261)
  • Goats fall damage reduction is now equal to the Java Edition (-10 reduced fall damage)
  • When goats are performing battering ram,now mobs no longer retaliate against the goats(MCPE-129619)
  • Goats are now enabled to keep charging when on Slime blocks and honey blocks
  • Baby sea turtles do not disappear after hatching(MCPE-70664)
  • Iron Golems and Evokers are no longer aggressive on peaceful difficulty(MCPE-47012)
  • Attacked Glow squid are no longer darkened only during multiplayer sessions.
  • Baby horses along with their variants are taller and they no longer exhibit Z fights on their legs(MCPE-92462)
  • Amphibious mobs are no longer struck when traversing daylight sensors and tiles.
  • Villagers who are spawned from a Villager spawner in the market world that has been created after version 1.11 now correctly appear as V2 villagers.
  • Fixed a warning that appears in the split screen when encountering Guardians.
  • Glow squid now darkens in order to match the surrounding light level when injured(MCPE-121754)

How to Play:

Let’s now find out how to play Minecraft 1.17.10:

  • Underwater fog has once again been biome dependent and it appears as it should (MCPE-124266)
  • Players who are Fixed split-screen Players are no longer able to rename items in Anvils(MCPE-108405)
  • Bastion loot has now been upgraded to look a lot like the Java Edition(MCPE-104330)
  • Fixed players are going through the web taking fall damage before they could hit the ground
  • The Occurrence of Thunderstorms has now become as frequent as in Java Edition.
  • A bug has been fixed that could cause Nether Portals to sometimes take players to the wrong coordinatesMCPE-115933)
  • Descending through powder snow has now been upgraded to use the same touch controls as descending through scaffolding
  • An issue has been fixed that caused the player’s head to be not animated correctly with emotes(MCPE-126902)
  • Players now can no longer swim through the air under a platform, although it appeared pretty cool(MCPE-48958)


The recent upgrades that have been made to the descargar minecraft 1.17 para android apk will surely engage the player even more actively in the game. Hope this article was helpful to all the Minecraft1.17.10 lovers.

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