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AI-Software Designed by Students to reduce Call Drops may soon be Available on the Market

Are you facing frequent network issues that cause call drops? Do you often call your network operators to help you resolve the call drop issue kindly? Then this blog will give you a solution for this recurrent problem. Four engineering students who were fed up with call dropouts on campus created software that uses artificial intelligence to improve cell phone service in areas with lousy service. The software is said to be able to boost 4G service in dense urban areas by up to 50%, and they are currently working towards making the app available for commercial use.

How AI software can help provide an optimal experience for users by automatically re-routing calls?

AI software can help provide an optimal experience for users by automatically re-routing calls. This technology can be used to monitor and regulate signal strength to reduce call drops and automatically re-route calls in the event of a drop. This can ensure that customers can always connect with the intended party. Uses artificial intelligence to optimize cellular antenna orientation based on cluster strength,”

According to Economic Times (ET), this program was initially given by the students Niranjan Akella, Arumalla Koushik Reddy, Yeseswi Sree Neeli, and Bachu Sai Nikheel as part of their final semester project. Later, the group decided to patent the technique with the aid of their professor. The article states that the patent has already been published and is pending an inspection request.

Are you one of those who are experiencing frequent call drops? The frequency of your cellular phone calls dropping indicates the need for a new phone. A group of programmers who have developed the AI software that could tackle call drops. This could be the solution to ensure all call drops are minimal.

What is the utility of AI software in solving call drops?

The government’s goal for digital inclusion includes “expanding the telecom manufacturing ecosystem,” according to the explanatory note of the Telecom Bill, 2022. The quality of life for people living in densely crowded places is improved by technologies like the one developed by these students. In the lack of a data protection law, it is also important to watch how the government responds to technical advancements that offer another source of anonymized data via telecom. The students have had preliminary discussions with telecom carriers, which suggests the software may soon be offered on the market.

What is the AI for software development program’s methodology? 

The program is deployed at the base transmitter station (BTS), as stated in the article, and is used to examine cluster patterns in the region for a certain number of days. Additionally, the antennae are given a “motorized device” to rectify their placement simultaneously. When all the data has been collected, the program gives instructions to the antennas on the cell tower.

When working on their final semester assignment, these students demonstrated the program. They were curious to discover why this was occurring even on their college or university campus. They believe that we should investigate our options for dealing with call dropouts. The approval of a patent for the technology they have created is pending. Additionally, they have begun discussions with telecom carriers, and software might soon be available for purchase. The base transmitter station is where the program is installed. They spent a specific amount of days researching the clustering in the area. The antenna is also equipped with motorized equipment to correct its location. The program directs the antenna once all the data has been gathered.

What is the mastermind behind this AI software? 

Internet of Things: Whenever we talk to someone, there are dropped calls and poor signal connection. This is because communication is the medium for human interaction. Automation can solve this problem. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) can solve everything, and it can automate mundane tasks and allow people to focus on other things. Automation also provides a safety net: when humans make mistakes, AI can compensate for them. This was done by considering sim cards and also as a vector point.

Machine learning algorithms can be used to solve the problem, such as an ocean mixing-based model. They form a maximum number of clusters, solving the problem of how to assign sufficient signal strength and receptivity to each cluster to reduce the number of dropped calls. Even in densely populated areas, it is possible to find excellent views. Some network operators claim that there are fewer or no dropped calls. However, other operators claim that the number of dropped calls varies and may depend on the phone’s location.

Progress is being made at the base station level, but it will take time to achieve widespread adoption. The author addresses the problem that operators are at different levels and have yet to be able to find solutions to this problem. They have suitable incubators, funding, and support from the daily communications industry.

The challenges must be addressed before AI-based software can be widely adopted

Several challenges need to be addressed before AI-based software can be widely adopted. One challenge is developing an operating system that can support AI-based software. Another challenge is the need for AI ML developers to create user-friendly software that can meet customers’ needs. Additionally, AI-based software must be able to operate in a variety of environments and be able to integrate with existing systems.

The future of AI-based software for reducing call drops and improving customer satisfaction

The future of AI-based software for reducing call drops and improving customer satisfaction. AI-based software can help reduce call drops by monitoring and regulating signal strength to provide an optimal experience for users. This technology can also be used to automatically re-route calls in the event of a drop, ensuring that customers can always connect with the intended party. This is beneficial because it will reduce call drop rates, leading to increased customer satisfaction. As more service providers adopt AI-based software, developers create new applications to benefit current and future users.

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