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account.wbgames/device | Account Device Code

Hello, my wonderful readers! A well-known American publisher of video games is Warner Bros. Games or WB Games. DC Comics, Harry Potter, and other well-known video games are all produced by Warner Bros., as are many TV shows, films, and video games. However, many users have recently complained that they can no longer register for an account on WB Games and instead get the message “Something went wrong.”(account.wbgames/device)

Players are reportedly trying to create a WB Games account to get Twitch drops, but they are running into an error that says “Something went wrong,” according to numerous reports. Players have already tried basic workarounds, but they were unsuccessful. Here’s how to resolve it if you repeatedly experience the same error message. Find out now how to restore the WB Games account.

What is Warner Bros. Games? | account.wbgames/device

Warner Bros. Games, formerly known as Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, is an American publisher of video games with headquarters in Burbank, California. It is a division of Warner Bros. Discovery’s Global Streaming and Interactive Entertainment division. When the Home Entertainment division of Warner Bros. Entertainment was established in October 2005, the publisher, which had been established on January 14, 2004, as Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, was moved there. TT Games, Rocksteady Studios, NetherRealm Studios, Monolith Productions, WB Games Boston, Avalanche Software, and WB Games Montréal are just a few wholly owned game development studios managed by Warner Bros. Games.

Warner Bros. Games | AWS

Warner Bros., an entertainment company with almost a century of experience, believes in the strength of great stories. A few well-known franchises that WB has adapted into films and video games include Mortal Kombat, Game of Thrones, and DC Comics.

Data is used by Warner Bros.’s video game division, WB Games, to inform the development of its games. WB Games can gather, ingest, analyze, and act on insights using Amazon Web Services (AWS) products like Amazon SageMaker, Amazon Redshift, and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) to assist developers in adopting a more flexible and opportunistic approach to storytelling. 

Redeem Digital Code on PS5 |

  • Using the cross button on your wireless controller, highlight and choose the PlayStation Store hub from the PlayStation®5 Game Home Menu.
  • Select the “…” icon next to the shopping cart icon by moving your cursor over the top menu Categories bar in the store.
  • Choose “Redeem Code” from the list of choices after highlighting it. 
  • To proceed, type your code and click the “cross” button.
  • Now that you are redeeming content, you will see it. Draw attention to the cross button and the confirm option.
  • Press the “OK” button when a message confirming that the code has been redeemed appears.
  • The content ought to download automatically; however, if it doesn’t, or if you would prefer to download the content manually, go to the game page in your Game Library from the Games Home Menu.

Note: Through backward compatibility, PlayStation®5 users will be able to play the PlayStation®4 version of the game.

Digital Code Redeem on PS4 | account.wb games/device

  • Using the cross button on your wireless controller, highlight PlayStation Store on the PlayStation®4 Home screen.
  • Press the down button to highlight and choose “Redeem Codes” from the list of store categories on the left side of the screen.
  • Enter your code by pressing the cross button, then choose Continue by pressing the R2 button.
  • A list of the digital items you are redeeming will now appear. Press the cross button after selecting the confirm option.
  • Press the cross button next to “OK” when a message confirming that the code has been redeemed appears.
  • The content ought to download automatically, but you can manually download it from the game tile in your Library on the Home screen if you prefer.

Redeem Digital Code on the Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X | account.wbgames.come/device

  • Navigate to the Microsoft Store using your Xbox’s Home Menu.
  • Join if prompted.
  • Use the A Button on your wireless controller to highlight and choose “Redeem” from the left sidebar menu in the Store.
  • At the prompt, key in your code, then click Next to confirm.
  • In your Queue, under “My Games and Apps,” a download will begin if the downloadable content is available.

Redeem Digital Code on Steam | account.wb

  • Choose Game from Steam’s top menu bar.
  • Activate the Product on Steam by scrolling down.
  • Continue through the subsequent windows and enter the 15-digit redemption code. This will make your digital key active.

Digital Code Redeem on the Xbox 360 | account

You can redeem the code on or in the Xbox 360 Dashboard.

Redeeming codes on

  • Launch a web browser, then go to
  • Activate your Xbox Live account.
  • Once the page has loaded, locate and click the “Redeem Code” button on the left, located about halfway down the page. This is under the user-created Avatar
  • If necessary, go through the following windows to set up your account’s billing information.
  • In the “Redeem Code” field, enter the 25-digit GFWL code.
  • Continue downloading the DLC.

Redeeming codes in the Xbox 360 interface

  • On the Xbox, start it up, and log in.
  • Activate the controller’s guide button.
  • Go to the Marketplace tab on the left and click the “Redeem Code” button.
  • To get your DLC, enter the 25-digit code and choose download.

How to Fix WB Games Account Down? | account.wbgames/device

  • The first step is to keep trying to create your account; eventually, after a few tries, you will succeed. Some fortunate players repeatedly clicked “Retry,” restarted their consoles a few times, and the issue eventually disappeared.
  • Additionally, you can link or create your account on WB Games at inconvenient times because many players are attempting to link or create their accounts at once during peak times. If you try doing it early in the morning or late at night, the error should be resolved.
  • If nothing else works, try contacting the Warner Bros. support staff; they can assist you in fixing this problem.

Making a WB Games account for MultiVersus | account.wbgames/device

When you first open MultiVersus, a question about your age will be presented. Parents must accept the rules on behalf of their children. Once that is finished, if there is not already a WB Games account connected to your Steam, Epic Games, PlayStation, or Xbox profile, you will be prompted to create one. There are two easy ways to go about setting one up.

There will be a QR code that you can use the camera on your smartphone to scan if you are comfortable doing so. You can create an account on WB’s website by clicking this. Any browser can access the account at 

Enter the device code from the game on the browser page after opening it. The MultiVersus menu’s left side will have a code with eight characters. It will be used to connect MultiVersus to your WB Games profile. In the event of a problem, choosing “Refresh Device Token” will produce a fresh character or QR code.

Main Account Creation Page | account.wbgames/device

Choose “No, Create a New Account” when you get to the main account creation page. Your birth date will need to be entered. Enter the email address you want to link to your WB Games account after doing so. The final option is to select a different WB Display name from the one chosen randomly. Just choose the text field, highlight the existing name, and enter the one you want to use instead.

The page will automatically detect that you are using Steam or Epic Games and select your launcher if you open the browser while playing. Players on consoles and visitors to the site who did not play the game must choose their preferred platform. Your WB account can be used for all of them since the MultiVersus open beta supports full crossplay and cross-progression; you just need to connect to other platforms using your device code on the website.

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Conclusion | account.wbgames/device

Know more about account.wbgames/device and Warner Bros. games by reading our blog! Know more about account creation and activation!

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