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8 Innovative Approaches to Volunteer Screening Strategies (2024)

Your nonprofit’s growth and overall success depend on all those hardworking volunteers. That’s why you must hire the best talents through a perfect onboarding process. But won’t this be difficult when you receive too many applicants? Relax, volunteer screening is no longer difficult when you are using advanced volunteer software.

A volunteer platform is a perfect solution for organizations that count on volunteer efforts. This type of software comes with some advanced features essential to simplify workflows. Moreover, it has features that make the volunteer screening process simpler. Your organization has a specific procedure for onboarding qualified volunteers. But using such software to your advantage will help you succeed.

Here are a few tips you must consider if planning to start the screening process for your organization.

8 Unique Ways to Utilize Volunteer Management Software for Successful Screening

  • Choose Virtual Interview Platforms: 

Your organization deserves the best talent to continue growing. That’s why you must hire volunteers from various corners of the world. For this purpose choose a reliable virtual interview platform and this software will help you create one. This software allows you to create candidate portals where you keep all the details of the applicants. While sharing the interview details, share the link to the platform through which you are planning to conduct the process. Only by clicking on the link can more candidates join the interview remotely.

Virtual Interview Platforms

  • Use AI for Background Checking: 

Keep in mind that advanced volunteer software is always open to integration with software or other AI tools. How will that help? AI tools can make the process of volunteer background check a simpler one. In simple terms, conducting a more comprehensive background check won’t be difficult with AI tools. So, use its algorithm to analyze its vast datasets. This way, it won’t take much time for you to know a candidate’s history and skills.

  • Taking Social Media’s Help: 

A volunteer platform of this type is easy to connect with all the social media platforms. So, why not ask all those candidates to share their social media profile links while applying? This will allow you to conduct a swift social media screening which is helpful. It’s a crucial and smart step that will reveal the candidates’ daily life, their interests, and their activities. So, don’t miss the chance to know all the applicants well through a screening process before onboarding them.

  • Skill-Based Assessments: 

If you want to choose the right candidates smartly, choose skill-based assessments. Of course, your volunteer software can be a great help here. Its algorithm will suggest tasks after analyzing the applicant’s profiles. With these assessments, you will not just analyze specific skills. It’s also helpful to identify roles where the candidates can contribute efficiently. 

  • Proper and Continuous Monitoring Systems:

A one-time screening process is not enough to select the ideal candidates for your organization. Rather, you must choose a continuous monitoring system to identify the right candidates. Take the help of a volunteer platform that helps you record real-time updates from all your candidates. This way, it will be easy to verify the candidates who can follow the rules of your nonprofit. 

  • Peer Recommendations: 

Volunteer platforms are great communication tools. So, why not send emails to those who have already worked with the applicants? Ask them to share their feedback on the candidates and share a few details about their projects. This feedback will reveal more than just their skills. After all, it can offer valuable insights into their teamwork and reliability. 

  • Conduct Behavioral Interview: 

Understanding the candidates by asking questions is not easy. As they will have to solve problems in the coming days you must conduct behavioral interviews. How exactly should you conduct it? Through this type of process, you can focus on scenarios relevant to the volunteer roles. In easy words, verify how your volunteers respond to specific situations. Also, it analyzes their problem-solving skills and adaptability. Know all your candidates properly before you hand over any crucial responsibilities to them. Of course, in each step, this software will help you with its amazing features.

  • Verify Volunteer Profiles and Work: 

Before you make the final decision, go through the profiles of all the candidates. We know that you have gone through them before and have not missed any points. But after interviewing and checking those skill tests it’s time that you read the profiles once again. Specifically, check their work experience well at this stage. Are you not seeing more clearly who can support the growth of your organization? So, use this software to store all the details of the applicants so that making a solid decision becomes easy.


Every screening process is difficult and tedious. But you can make it simple using a volunteer platform. Also, you must know how you can include this software at each stage of this process. So, consider the tips that we have shared here for your benefit. Ultimately, your organization will thrive with the most efficient team once you build a stronger team.

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