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7 Types of Video Ads That Resonate With Every Audience

Advertising can be a tricky thing.

You want to grab your audience’s attention and make an impact, but you don’t want to come off as too aggressive or pushy. The good news is that video ads are an incredibly effective way to connect with your audience while still getting the message across—as long as you use the right type of ad.

To help you out, here is a guide to seven types of video ads that will resonate with every audience and an explanation of the different video ad examples.

What is the Difference Between In-Stream and Out-Stream Video Ads?

Though they can be broken down even further into more detailed categories, there are technically two types of video ads – in-stream and out-stream.

In-stream video ads are the most common type of video ads.

These videos appear in a range of places, such as YouTube and other streaming services, websites, apps, etc. They typically play before or during a video that someone is watching. And they can come in either pre-, mid-, or post-roll formats (i.e., before the video starts, during the middle of the video, or after it ends). Advertisers typically use these types of ads to reach a wide audience with their message.

Out-stream video ads don’t rely on another piece of content to be seen; instead, they’re usually placed within non-video content like articles, blog posts, etc.

These videos may play when someone scrolls over them or even when they click on them to expand them into full view. The main benefit of out-stream videos is that they allow advertisers to reach people who may not be actively searching for information about their product/service but who could still be interested in learning more about it.

Below, we’ll break down a few common types of in-stream and out-stream video ads to help you decide which will be best for your marketing needs.

1. Linear Ads

Not to be confused with Linear Television ads, these short ads, which are found before, during, or after online videos, offer a great way to target potential customers and capture their attention.

They come in three different formats:

  • pre-rolls, that play before the primary video
  • mid-rolls, between two main parts of a longer video
  • post-rolls at the end of a video

Each type has its own benefits when used correctly; pre-rolls offer a chance to properly introduce yourself to viewers, while post-rolls provide a memorable finale that gives potential customers something to think about long after the initial viewing.

Used together or individually, linear ads make for an effective way for marketers to reach out and connect with their audience.

2. Non-Linear  Video Ads

These videos are shown before or during online video content, and are set up so that the main story of the video is side-tracked by an additional advertiser’s message that plays during natural breaks in the video’s original content. This allows marketers to promote their products and services while providing a positive experience to viewers by getting out of their way.

Moreover, a one-stop server helps provide visual metrics that prove not just the ad views, but engagement rates as well. It truly is a win-win situation where the viewer can see relevant ads while giving businesses the chance to further maximize their marketing campaigns.

3. In-Page Video Ads

These ads are unique because they display within the body of a website and don’t require users to watch them as part of a video they were already intent on viewing.

This means viewers already engaged with the content are highly likely to watch these ads all the way through, resulting in more attentive viewers who pay close attention to the message being conveyed.

These ads also load quickly, providing users with a smoother viewing experience. Additionally, marketers have a large amount of creative freedom using this method and can typically design their ads so that they match the website’s overall look and feel — enabling them to better capture their target audience’s interest and trust.

4. In-Banner Ads

An in-banner ad is one type of out-stream ad that can be highly effective for marketers. These ads are displayed on web pages while users are browsing, passing along marketing content without interrupting the user’s journey.

By displaying ads in a natural flow, these ads can entice viewers to click and check out featured products or services. It’s also easy for marketers to track their success with insights about impressions, clicks, and post-click engagement, which allow them to tweak campaigns for relevant audiences or optimize opportunities as they arise.

5. In-Text Ads

These out-stream ads are displayed within the text of sites, making them difficult to miss. They appear as the user scrolls down the page and autoplay with the sound muted – giving users more control over what they listen to.

In-text ads don’t require users to click any link before they watch the video, making them incredibly easy to access. Plus, because of their seamless integration into content web pages, they’re unobtrusive and don’t interfere with the viewing experience.

6. Interactive Video Ads

By allowing users to interact with videos right on their feed, these ads can provide an immersive, engaging experience that encourages potential customers to take action.

For example, they can be used to prominently feature products or services, highlight special offers, or even ask users questions directly within the video, all tailored specifically to garner meaningful results.

7. In-Game Video Ads

In-game video ads are among the top choices for marketers looking to make an impact on their target audience, as they are a unique and effective type of out-stream ad. They take advantage of the current trend of increasingly popular online and mobile gaming, by allowing marketers to reach users while they interact with games they already engage in.

These ads tend to be especially powerful in terms of customer loyalty, as gamers feel more closely affiliated with the brands involved when they directly interact with their ads.

Furthermore, the level of interaction achievable through these types of ads give them the potential to contain calls-to-action that can be acted upon immediately – something which is not always available through other forms of video advertising.

Final Thoughts

Video ads are an incredibly effective way for businesses to connect with their audiences while still getting their message across without being overly aggressive or pushy – as long as you use the right type!

Take some time now to research exactly who your ideal customer is before jumping into production – because once you know exactly who your target demographic is, then finding video ads that really hit home becomes much easier!

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