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6 Ways a Maintenance Management Software Makes Warehouse Management Safer, Faster & Better

What is Warehouse Management?

Warehouse management is a crucial aspect of supply chain management, which involves the efficient and effective control and organization of warehouse operations. It encompasses everything from receiving goods and storing them to picking, packing, and shipping orders, including assurance of accurate inventory maintenance, optimal cost savings on operations, checking whether safety protocols are followed, and prioritizing customer satisfaction.

How Does Maintenance Management Software Help in Simplifying Warehouse Management?

Whether you are managing the warehouse of a manufacturing plant or handling materials at a distribution centre, when several crucial tasks are to be taken care of manually, incorporating a computerized maintenance management system makes your work easy and efficient. Maintenance management software for manufacturing warehouses is designed to automate every single task in an increasingly complex supply chain structure to save time and effort. From ensuring the availability of spare parts to scheduling maintenance tasks, below are 6 ways in which a CMMS simplifies and streamlines material management while complying with constant changes:

1.     Improves Productivity

All the information that is needed by the maintenance crew to carry out repairs, replacements and maintenance work is stored on a centralized framework that can be easily accessed anytime, anywhere. With instant access to spare parts, work orders, equipment maintenance history, and standard operating procedures it becomes very efficient and easy to reduce repair times and prevent delays. Your maintenance crew can complete all the work orders on time without relying on third-party vendors. This boosts productivity, improves decision-making, cuts replacement costs and improves employee morale.

2.     Prolongs Equipment Life

Timely maintenance ensures that vital infrastructure equipment works at peak efficiency for longer. With CMMS asset management software, managers can be sure that maintenance schedules are strictly followed and that work orders are executed on time. It prevents overlapping of PM schedules and facilitates the smooth functioning of equipment, thus extending the service life of vital assets.

3.     Reduces Downtimes

Unplanned downtimes and unexpected service outages greatly impact the productivity of your warehouse. One of the benefits of CMMS is to collect all the information regarding repairs and replacements by tracking maintenance trends of critical assets. This empowers facility managers to plan for predictive maintenance and schedule periodic inspections based on the equipment’s condition and performance. It also generates an accurate cost-benefit analysis report to help you save on maintenance expenses in the long haul while preventing delays and downtimes.

4.     Improves Inventory Control

A CMMS asset management software offers an end-to-end view of your inventory levels, purchase orders, shipping costs, on-hand counts, storeroom capabilities and replacements in real time. It automatically generates purchase requests by keeping constant track of the minimum and maximum levels of stock. Custom fields allow you to maintain a 1:1 ratio when it comes to spare parts and units. A CMMS provides instant access to specific information to improve your response times, accelerate your work order completion, and reduce downtimes.

5.     Ensures Compliance

Compliance audits and periodic regulatory inspections are routine aspects of every material handling warehouse. QA checks, calibrations, safety inspections and meter readings are just a few of the many inspections that are periodically performed in a warehouse to ensure that it meets industry standards. A CMMS tracks your work order history, standard operating procedures, and maintenance hours, and runs accurate reports on KPIs and audits while leaving no room for errors. With a CMMS your compliance is never left to chance and it becomes easy to adhere to all applicable standards and specifications while keeping costs low.

6.     Facilitates Timely PM Scheduling

Preventive maintenance is crucial to keeping mission-critical assets up and working all year round. PM scheduling ensures that replacement parts are available, lubricants are changed periodically to optimize equipment performance and repairs are performed before they lead to complete equipment failure. But PM scheduling requires preplanning and precise forecasting because if the PM hours are under-used it can invite costly delays and downtimes and if they are over-used you would be incurring unnecessary expenses on labour and parts. Maximize your ROI with a CMMS asset management solution that enables you to schedule preventive and predictive maintenance tasks without over-using your resources.


A CMMS is an invaluable tool for warehouse management. It offers benefits such as improved inventory control, better scheduling, and enhanced safety protocols that can all help to reduce costs and maximize profits. Additionally, it streamlines communication between personnel, so everyone is on the same page regarding daily tasks. With these capabilities, a CMMS is essential in making warehouse management faster, better and safer.

Author Bio:

Lindsey Walker is the marketing manager for NEXGEN, a Sacramento-based industry leader in designing advanced computerized maintenance management systems and asset management software tools for utilities, facilities, public works, manufacturing, and fleet industries. In her free time, Lindsey enjoys travelling and reading, which allows her to gain new perspectives and inspiration for her work. She is committed to creating content that connects well with her readers, enhancing their digital experiences.

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