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6 Use Cases of Proxies You Didn’t Know Existed

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As the digital world continues to grow, so does the number of ways to access the internet. These developments have led to a rise in proxy tools and services. Proxies are software programs that let you access websites anonymously, circumvent Internet filters, and hide your real identity from prying eyes.

You may have come across proxies and dismissed them because you have no use for them. Perhaps you have already heard about them and want to know more about their potential use cases. Whatever the case, these proxies should become part of your daily life. 

You need to know about all the different use cases of proxies to take advantage of them. However, we need to know what proxies are on the market and their uses.

What are the Different Types of Proxies?

There are many types of proxy servers in the market, each with a different audience. You can find proxies that are designed just for corporate environments or ones specifically designed for individuals.

Some proxies are designed to offer anonymity, while others are optimized for particular tasks. Know the different proxy servers available and make the right choice for your needs.

Functionally-oriented proxies perform a defined task or function. The y are used with specific software or websites like video streaming, and file transfers.

Anonymity-oriented proxies hide your identity and provide you with anonymity. These proxies are best for those who need to hide their online activity from governments, employers, or other entities who might be able to track online activity.

The proxy will hide your IP address and give you an anonymous one. This way, no one will be able to associate your real-life identity with your online persona. Datacenter and Residential proxies both hide your IP addresses but residential proxies use legitimate IP addresses which makes them more secure. It is also recommended to get proxies from known residential proxies.

Optimized-oriented proxies improve tasks like downloading, streaming, or loading speed. If you are an anime fan, you can use  proxy server Japan to get all your favorite anime and more. Optimized proxies are often very reliable because they serve a specific purpose.

What Are Some of the Uses of Proxies?

Now that you know the different proxies and their use, let us explore some of the possible use cases of proxies. 

1. Accessing restricted websites 

 Many companies, schools, and governments restrict the content you can view on their network. The content restrictions are put for different reasons. In organizations and governments, it boosts security and increases productivity among the staff.

 It is also common for schools to block social media and adult-rated sites. School administration does this to manage what content the students are consuming while allowing them to access learning material online. 

In such cases, you can use a proxy server to bypass the filters on the network. The proxy will allow you to access all the restricted material you want to view.

  2. Proxies Provide Anonymity 

Our data is becoming a concern, and browsing the internet anonymously is becoming increasingly difficult. You can hide your internet activity from those who might want to track it by using a proxy. Your employer, governments, stalkers, or other organizations will have no way of identifying you. 

You have probably heard that it is better to use a VPN than a proxy to keep your internet activity private. While this is true, it is also worth noting that many proxy tools let you use a VPN connection.

Using a proxy to manage your VPN connection means you choose who sees your traffic. You can also use the proxy to help you avoid surveillance. 

If you are at work and your employer has placed a block on certain websites, you can use a proxy to get around the block. Also, if you are in a country with surveillance, you can use a proxy to hide your internet activity.

3. Boost Your Website Speeds

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If you provide a service online or have a website, you need a proxy server. A proxy server will ensure your website delivers services seamlessly and without crashing. It is common for websites to crash when many resource requests are happening simultaneously.

Since your website data is stored in servers worldwide, accessing the data at low latency can be difficult. However, you can use a proxy server to increase the ease of accessing the content. You can do this by creating several access points that are accessible through one web address. The proxy will balance traffic and avoid overloading a server.

4. Hide your IP address to Avoid being Doxed

Sometimes you might want to avoid being doxed. Doxing is the act of collecting and publishing personal information about someone online. The date acquired can include information like your real name, address, or employer.

In some cases, hackers and online stalkers might use this information as leverage against someone. For example, someone may threaten to release your dox if you refuse to do something for them.

If you want to avoid doxing and its effects, you can use a residential proxy.

The proxy will hide your IP address and give you an anonymous one. This way, no one will be able to associate your real-life identity with your online persona.

5. Access Geo-blocked Material

You probably come across the dreaded banner that notifies you that specific content is not accessible in your location. Geo-blocking happens for several reasons. The reasons include copyright issues, licensing problems, and government policies.

If you travel a lot, your streaming platforms and lifestyle may be affected by your change in location. You may also want to access content localized for a different region. Game creators often create localized events for people from distinct parts of the world. 

Gamers often want to access these events for the experience and prizes. In both instances, a proxy server will be useful. You can connect to a proxy server to bypass geo-blocking and access the restricted content.


Proxies are an important part of modern internet use. They let you access blocked websites, hide your IP address from prying eyes, and boost your download speeds. There are many different types of proxies, so it’s important to research what type is best for you. 

While they are not designed for every use case, they can be used to accomplish many of them. Get a proxy as soon as possible and enjoy the benefits. Preserving your anonymity is reason enough to get a proxy.


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