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 6 Amazing Reasons To Buy Honda Amaze As Your Next Car

A compact sedan is a type of car that is smaller than a midsize sedan and larger than a hatchback. As per the regulations by the Indian government, a compact sedan must have a length of fewer than 4 meters, and an engine capacity of less than 1.2 liters for petrol cars and less than 1.5 liters for diesel cars. The maximum power output for the engine is also capped at 75 horsepower for petrol cars and 100 horsepower for diesel cars.

Compact sedans in India typically have four doors, a trunk, and seating for five passengers. They are known for their affordability, fuel efficiency, and practicality. Some popular compact sedans in India include the Maruti Suzuki Dzire, Honda Amaze, and Hyundai Aura.


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There are several benefits of choosing a compact sedan over other cars in India, such as hatchbacks, SUVs, and midsize sedans. Here are a few:

  1. Affordability: Compact sedans are generally more affordable than SUVs and midsize sedans, making them a great choice for those on a budget.
  2. Fuel Efficiency: Compact sedans are typically designed to be fuel-efficient, which is a major advantage in India, where fuel prices are high. They generally have smaller engines, which consume less fuel, resulting in lower running costs.
  3. City-Friendly: Compact sedans are easier to drive and maneuver in traffic than larger cars like SUVs and midsize sedans. They are also more likely to fit into small parking spaces in crowded cities.
  4. Spacious Interiors: Compact sedans offer more interior space than hatchbacks, making them a better choice for families or those who frequently travel long distances.
  5. Safety Features: Many compact sedans come with safety features like airbags, ABS, EBD, and parking sensors, making them safer to drive than hatchbacks.

Depending on who you ask, there are various definitions of the ideal compact sedan has various definitions. Some interpret it to indicate a car with cheap ownership costs, proven durability, a comfortable interior, a spacious trunk, and high safety. For some, it denotes a pleasure to drive, an incredibly stylish, and powerful vehicle. The Honda Amaze is one of the few automobiles that can tick all required checkmarks with precision.

Along with being strong and fashionable, it also has a long list of features, a roomy inside and boot, and class-leading safety. Honda car insurance is also known to be highly credible. The top-selling Honda vehicle in India should be in your garage, according to these six reasons:

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1) Impressive interiors: With a dual-tone interior motif, the new Honda Amaze is a compatible and roomy vehicle. The dashboard and seats are black and beige, which creates a feeling of comfort and luxury. The new front map lamp, superior fabric stitching, and high-quality contoured bucket seats with adjustable headrests are among the most important additions. Additionally, the vehicle has spacious door pockets for additional storage and a boot that holds about 420 litres.

2) Safety Features: The new Amaze is a smart, ergonomically designed car that comes equipped with amazing safety features like standard dual airbags, a new Multiview camera with guidelines, a standard ACE body structure, an ECU immobiliser system, a rear parking camera, standard ISOFIX, and standard ABS with EBD that prevents the car from locking up while ensuring proper steering control. Remember that despite such high safety standards, you are still required to buy good car insurance online.

3) Powerful and fuel efficient engines: The BS6 petrol and diesel engines, which provide the best power and fuel efficiency in their class while lowering carbon emissions, highlight the Amaze’s luxury appeal. Despite delivering an impressive 90PS and 110Nm, the 1.2-liter BS6 petrol Amaze has a claimed fuel efficiency rating of 18.6kmpl. However, the 1.5-liter BS6 diesel Amaze claims to deliver 25 kmpl while producing a segment-leading 100PS of power and 200 Nm of torque. The BS6 Honda Amaze provides the most potent performance with the best combination of fuel efficiency, according to these astounding numbers.

With its BS6 petrol and diesel engines, the Amaze is more environmentally friendly in addition to being more cost-effective. Amaze is the first Honda diesel model in India that complies with BS6 thanks to the latter, a 1.5-liter i-DTEC engine. The company is now one of a select few to provide BS6 diesel engines at this price.

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4) Reliability and Legacy:  Indians praise the unfailing dependability of Honda vehicles. Due to its outstanding build quality, dependable drivetrain, and overall fit and finish, the Amaze maintains on this tradition and will continue to function flawlessly for years to come. Additionally, the fact that the corporation has a vast service network all over India supports the peace of mind and satisfaction that come with owning a Honda Amaze. It becomes obvious why the Honda Amaze family in India has grown to include over 5,000 new members each month when you consider that and the excellent fuel efficiency provided by the BS6 petrol and diesel engines. The Honda Amaze family in India has 3.9 lakh members.

5) Comfort: You’ll feel like royalty on your next long trip thanks to the plush and comfortable beige-colored seats in this car. The seats’ premium fabric is ideal for helping people who require more neck or lower back support when seated, and both the front and rear seats are constructed of it. If there are only two persons who want to sit in the back, you could lower the foldable middle armrest. For a lengthy travel or a local shopping trip with three people, the back seats are also comfy.

6) Better air-conditioning and exciting colours: The dimensions of the new Honda Amaze make it appear considerably bigger than it is. The car’s width has risen from the previous model by 15mm and its length by 5mm.

The new 5-seater Amaze includes a strong air conditioner that can quickly cool the cabin, with a volume of 58cc to 83cc for petrol and 110cc to 120cc for diesel.

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Whether it is livening up your daily commutes or moving people and luggage in utter comfort on weekend getaways and vacations, the Honda Amaze is a real delight to drive around and be driven in. Its premium looks to make it the perfect car to arrive in, while its safety equipment wouldn’t look out of place in a higher-segment sedan.   BS6 engines, too, have lost none of their power in the process of becoming more environment-friendly.






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