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5G and Cybersecurity – A Realistic Path Forward

5G technology has grown in favor among telecom firms developing it and businesses that use wireless networks. Some reasons behind this are not insignificant.

The overall data traffic over mobile networks is anticipated to exceed 77 exabytes per month in 2022. (i.e. 1 million terabytes of internet traffic per month). Only 5G, utilizing its mmWave technology, would be capable of handling such huge traffic volumes.


5G also provides quicker speeds (around 20 times faster than 4G), greater bandwidth, and greater device density (nearly 1 million devices per square kilometer)

Given these advantages, it is easy to see why many firms have made significant expenditures, either in manufacturing or usage of 5G technology.

The following industries will see immediate benefits:

  • Automotive:

The automobile sector can benefit from 5G by implementing Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) technologies. V2X is a communication system that allows cars to interact with each other (V2V), with infrastructure (V2I), or with the network itself (V2N).

Vehicle speed, traffic statistics, accident sites, and other data are transmitted. This information can also be sent to infrastructure, such as intelligent traffic signals that adjust dynamically based on the state of the roadways.

  • Satellite communications:

Satellite communications often are aimed at use cases when deploying infrastructure at the target site would be prohibitively expensive. For example, in sparsely populated areas, or in locations with severe terrain such as mountains, etc.

There are various disadvantages to modern satellite networking. It is much more expensive to install and maintain for the users. It is also less reliable than regular internet service or broadband.

The combination of 5G with satellite technologies will aid in mitigating the difficulties associated with satellite-based networks’ poor fidelity.

Cybersecurity Problems

Many cybersecurity problems are influencing 5G, but we will focus on the three most serious ones in this section.

  • Latency:

Many  Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Type Communication (MTC), and Vehicle to Everything (V2X) communications will need to take place in situations with extremely low latency (less than one millisecond).

Furthermore, these settings must be very dependable and accessible. However, present 5G networks were vulnerable to a wide range of internet-based attacks that attack access networks like LTE nodes and low-powered access nodes.

  • Passive eavesdropping:

The range of devices per network is rapidly rising. Furthermore, each network has a wide range of device kinds.

As a result, network operators choose open access supplemental networks such as Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) owing to their capacity needs.

However, the data sent within these WLANs are vulnerable to eavesdropping attacks and unauthorized individuals gaining access.

One method for hackers to eavesdrop is to take advantage of the ease of use of reduced power entry points. This is due to the fact that such entry points lack the quick and reliable verification handover methods required for 5G networks.

  • User impersonation:

Although this is an expansion of the Eavesdropping assault, the consequences can be far more severe. The attacker merely takes information intended for another user through passive eavesdropping.

The attacker, on the other hand, can imitate the client and send harmful messages or do malicious acts. This gives the attacker much more power over the scene since they may use their forged credentials to launch more assaults. The assailant’s impersonation might persist for a long period depending on the duration of the access keys.


5G also provides solutions to the above-mentioned issues. These are:

  • Network slicing
  • Physical layer security
  • Temporary identification


5G has arrived and will transform the linked world. However, several cybersecurity concerns must be made before it can live up to the great expectations put on it.



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