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5 Tips to Prevent PDF File Corruption and How to Fix It

To err is human. Naturally, the technology that humans have crafted has yet to be called perfect. File corruption is a common thing with computers. Maybe your file is safe now, but you can’t open it later. Being clueless on how to fix them is utterly annoying. It will be worse if the corrupted file holds essential data and information.

Some files in your storage may be in a portable document format. It isn’t surprising, given how convenient the said format is. If it had been back then, you likely need to suffer from the loss of the file once it was corrupted. Fortunately, our technology is so advanced that repairing them is but a matter of a few clicks. We’ve got five tips for you to prevent file corruption and how you can restore them.

Fix damaged PDF files with PDF repair tools

Talking about file corruption, searching for a way to fix it is much more critical than preventing it. One of the most accessible and popular ways to resolve damaged PDFs is with a Repair PDF File Tool. As the name suggests, it can repair or fix any PDF that may have been damaged. The truth is, once you look them up online, countless sites will make their way in front of your computer. What you need to consider in choosing a suitable one are its security and efficiency.


Lucky you, GogoPDF meets that criteria. It can make your PDF files go back to working condition. A few minutes is all it takes to fix your damaged PDFs! Notable, isn’t it? What makes it more superb is that you can use the tool at any time and place since it is a web-based service. You just need to connect your device to the internet, and voila! Get your newly fixed PDF file and start working with them! Here’s how to use GogoPDF.


  • Visit GogoPDF.
  • Select and upload the damaged file that you want to repair.
  • GogoPDF will automatically attempt to repair your file.
  • Once the tool finishes the repair process, you can share it directly with others via email or simply copy the download link.
  • Download and save your file.


GogoPDF may not be able to ensure that every part of your file gets restored after the repair. Nonetheless, you can be confident that it will fix and bring back the file to the highest quality possible.

How to prevent file corruption

Now that you’ve settled your PDF files, you wouldn’t want to go through the same thing again in the future. Say goodbye to the frustration that you may feel when a prompt says that your file is damaged. Find out below how to prevent having your files corrupted!

Backup your files in another storage drive

Having another copy of your PDFs is one sure way to retrieve your information even without repairing the damaged file version. It may seem tiring to get another storage or buy one when you can just have a copy of your file on the same computer. Have you ever asked, “What if the whole storage device gets corrupted?” Trust us. You will not regret your decision to use another storage.


You can buy a hard drive to store them or simply back them up in online storage. Just make sure not to damage the drive or forget your password. No one is to blame other than yourself if that happens. It is best to backup your files and to keep them in sync upon their creation.

Install anti-malware software

If you often download and transfer files online, it is best to have a preventive measure like anti-malware software. It’s an essential thing to think of, but you can’t deny that it is one of the most vital factors to prevent file corruption. Once you install them, you can keep potential viruses at bay. This method might make you spend money on subscriptions. Nevertheless, a few dollars to make sure that your files are safe is worth paying.

Shut down your computer properly

Shutting down a computer properly is something that we’ve been taught in grade school. Did you know that doing this appropriately prevents file corruption? That’s why damaged files are common in areas where the power supply suddenly gets cut off. You might have the habit of just unplugging the computer once you’re done with your work. That’s a big no. Although you can’t prevent sudden shutdowns brought by power interruptions, make it a habit to turn off your device correctly.

Remove external drives safely

External drives are an essential component in everyone’s work. Even with online storages’ rampancy, external drives are still helpful in storing files. To use them, just connect them to your computer. Just like unplugging the power supply of your computer without properly shutting it down, you might unplug your external device without removing it safely. Again, never do that because not only is your file prone to corruption, but you might harm the system as well.

Keep your software applications in check

Some applications often have bugs that may be damaging to your computer. You either have to uninstall them or troubleshoot them. It’s best to ask a tech-savvy person when it comes to your software applications. Fix these problems while it’s early. Otherwise, it may be a big problem in the future.


Technology isn’t without its imperfections. You might just be oblivious to some of them. One such imperfection is the risk of file damage, and you might be clueless as to why that is the case. File corruption happens for various reasons, though you can find many new solutions out there today.


PDF repair tools are on fire in the online world. With our shift to online working and studying due to COVID-19, the use of such devices is greatly emphasized. If you have damaged files on your storage, you can just visit GogoPDF and start repairing them! Follow our tips as well to prevent file corruption in the future!



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