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5 Hacks For Businesses Looking To Rent A Commercial Fleet

Commercial vehicle production is under pressure from the same inflationary pressures put upon all vehicles. Additionally, commercial vehicles face particular pressure caused by fuel regulations and required efficiencies, regardless of vehicle weight. If you need to expand your vehicle fleet, the tips below can help.

1. Start Small

One of the big benefits of working with rental vehicles is that you can follow the 90/10 rule. If 90% of your work needs can be completed using a vehicle you already possess, then adding a rental vehicle when you need it can reduce costs while expanding your transportation options.

Anytime you’re considering the capacity of a work vehicle, it is critical that you avoid overloading it. If you’ve got a 3/4 ton van or pickup that will work for the majority of your jobs, be very careful when planning the next transport of people, tools, and materials. One badly overloaded work vehicle can be quite costly to repair and may even put your employees at risk.

2. Invest In Smart Upgrades

Companies like commercial fleet rental experts in West Valley City, UT, Kingbee Vans offer electric commercial vehicles for rent. If you have ever wondered if your current workload could be consistently managed with hybrid or electric vehicles, perhaps starting with a rental work van to confirm weight tolerance, speed requirements, and range would be a smart choice.

Consider the ways you could use a commercial fleet rental for your business.

  • Custom jobs. If you have a job that requires work that is normally out of your scope, you can rent a commercial fleet vehicle that provides electrical outlets, extra carrying capacity, or better gas millage to better suit your ability to complete the job.
  • Busy times. Renting commercial fleet vehicles has advantages when it comes to the natural rhythms of your business. If you experience times when you require additional vehicles for your fleet, consider renting them. Purchasing new vehicles for your business is a commitment that you may not be ready to make for a temporary influx of work.
  • Quick Expansion. If your business is rapidly growing, you know you can’t afford to waste time. Purchasing a fleet for a new business location will eat a lot of resources, time, and money. Not to mention, put another ding on your company’s credit. Hiring a fleet means your business is ready to commence operations sooner without having to take out expensive loans and make quick and irrational purchases.

Of course, working with vehicles that offer the latest technology often means that you need to buy new ones. For anyone planning on a new vehicle off the lot for their commercial fleet additions, it’s a good idea to review any tax credits or business tax breaks for investments in electric or hybrid vehicles. The depreciation you lose in a new vehicle may be more than offset by the tax credit you gain in the purchase.

3. Customize Your Rental

The storage tools inside a commercial vehicle will likely be quite specific to your industry. A van owned by a flooring professional will require a very different racking and tool storage setup than a van owned by a plumber, and electricians will need other custom features.

Before you invest in storage racks for your tools and necessary parts, consider renting a commercial vehicle that has been kitted out. You may be able to get storage shelving off the shelf at the hardware store, but other items may need to be fabricated. Take photos of what works and what doesn’t. Ask the rental manager where the rack system was purchased, and find out if the rental vehicle company can actually sell you a set.

4. Personalization And Logo Addition

You may be convinced that you need to buy a commercial vehicle to customize it. However, there are commercial vehicle rental companies that will allow you to get your vehicle wrapped in your colors and logo for long-term rental placement at your facility.

Why would you rent a vehicle that is personalized to your facility? Because a rental is a monthly lease payment. If you need quick access to ready cash, it can’t be tied up in never-ending vehicle payments. If you need to back off the number of vehicles in your fleet for a time while you make an investment in a larger property, a rental contract gives you much more flexibility.

5. Avoid Inflationary Pressure

There is a big push for large work vans in the private market. There are many folks turning them into everything from mobile dog grooming booths to camper vans. Just as individuals are struggling to purchase larger, more adventurous vehicles like pickup trucks, there are many consumers quite enamored of the wonders of a box truck or a cargo van.

With a rental fleet, you can skip the worries about upkeep and big, expensive repairs. Of course, you will want to care for the vehicles you have under contract; your reputation and the safety of your employees are on the line every time one of your vehicles leaves the lot. However, at the end of a rental contract, you can turn in a van that has started to show signs of wear and breakdown without having to decide whether to sell or repair it.

With a rented commercial fleet, you can put your money into features at your facility that will always pay off, such as better vehicle security and better quality tools. Renting your fleet takes the pressure off your cash flow while keeping your business mobile.

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