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5 Cybersecurity Personality Traits For A Successful Career

Many of us who manage businesses and hire people are not searching for a certain degree, certification, or qualification. Of course, if it is something you’re driven and motivated to do, that’s fantastic, but if someone thinks you that you will need a bit of paper to work in cyber security, they’re talking to the wrong person. Among the most important characteristics are:


  • Your Ethical And Moral Code


Working in cyber security frequently places you in a position of credibility, thus it is critical that people in the business have a solid professional set of morals. We are frequently exposed to secret, personal, as well as sensitive information, so it is critical that we handle it with care and provide it with the protection and security it requires. Cyber security experts work in highly trusted jobs, identifying areas where businesses and individuals are weak, and you must be trusted not to exploit them. For example, an ethical hacker doing a penetration test on a banking website may uncover a weakness that may theoretically allow them to siphon off some money; yet, this person cannot benefit from that discovery beyond the terms of their legal contract.


  • Curiosity


It is frequently the case that being interested is the greatest method to identify a vulnerability. This applies to all aspects of cyber security, from the technical (‘I wonder what happens when I write this code there?’) to the physical (‘This CCTV camera appears to be malfunctioning.’) Does it genuinely cover the safe door?’) to human (‘No one is following proper email protocol when sending confidential information.’) I’m wondering if it’s too difficult or if we didn’t convey it as well as we could?’). Curiosity about how things operate or do not function is an excellent personality attribute for a cyber security specialist.


  • A Desire To Learn


This does not have to be formal learning (I don’t mean you have to love textbooks! ), but because the field of cyber security is constantly changing with new technology, vulnerabilities, and forms of attack and defense, it is beneficial if you enjoy staying informed and, even more so, if you have a knack for putting information from different places or disciplines.


  • An Acceptance That You Might Not Everything


At the same time that you have a desire to learn and a drive to acquire more knowledge, you will benefit from acknowledging that you do not have all of the answers when it comes to security, that it is a very broad field, and that people from various areas of security will have knowledge that can inform and enhance your understanding. An open mind is essential in cyber security because it allows you to understand problems from other people’s perspectives and contemplate solutions that may not have been immediately clear to you. Because the field is so vast and fast-paced, it is easy to become overwhelmed and assume that everyone else knows more than you and that you will never know enough. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there is a risk that people become entrenched in their own small area of knowledge and overestimate their importance in comparison to others. Develop resilience in the face of this by seeking additional knowledge and refining your talents while remaining open to learning from diverse views. Refuse to succumb to the Dunning-Kruger effect, a cognitive bias in which people overestimate their intelligence. Cyber security is a multifaceted topic that needs participation from many persons and areas of expertise.


  • Empathy


Understanding and listening, as well as putting oneself in the shoes of others, are essential components of cyber security. Listening to individuals at a business, for example, may help you understand how valuable their information is, how they function, and why some security policies may be tough for them to comply with. Listening to individuals about their individual cyber security and realizing that the ‘ideal’ technological solution isn’t going to work for them, and you need to offer them a solution that will really engage with is another possibility. As a cyber security specialist, I would prefer that everybody use a password manager, but I must acknowledge that they may be inaccessible to some people.



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